Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Brunch at Jam Cafe

Let me try to start off this blog again.

Ever since seeing the Charlie Bowl challenge at Jam Cafe on Vancity Buzz aka. Daily Hive, I was quite confident that I would be able to complete this challenge. One thing I cannot turn down these days is potatoes in any foam. I know :( It is so bad for me, but I know I can finish a bowl full of hash browns. Jam Cafe on a Sunday is hella busy, you have to get here early. The wait is easily over an hour and the line stretches down the block with no cover from the rain (bring an umbrella, you will be here for a while). For this food adventure I was with Maria and Chantille. If I ever have the chance to somehow tell my past self some advice, I would take this opportunity to tell myself ten minutes before ordering this challenge to find out what exactly was in the Charlie Bowl. What caught me off guard was that it was not just hash browns in the breakfast bowl, but biscuits too. The biscuits were so buttery, heavy and fluffy. It sat in my stomach like a rock. I couldn't shovel any more than a quarter of the bowl. I failed miserably. Other than that, the breakfast bowl was tasty, delicious and very filling. As I admit my defeat I looked over my shoulder to see how Maria and Chantille was fairing; There were happily enjoying their meal. I was envious of them and I was in pain from the fullness. Why am I so greedy? Why do I do this to myself? *sigh*

Verdict: I would definitely come back again to try their other breakfast dishes. I do not for see myself attempting the Charlie Bowl challenge at Jam Cafe ever again. I accept my L

 photo IMG_20161120_121959_zpsprkjcrpg.jpg
* Fried Chicken Benedict *
 photo IMG_20161120_122003_zpsbw79080a.jpg
* Veggie Benedict *
 photo IMG_20161120_122007_zpsjrp1e6cr.jpg
* The Charlie Bowl *
 photo IMG_20161120_123024_zpskdtiklip.jpg
* Fail!! *

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