Monday, February 10, 2014

Street Food City 2014

Along with the Dine Out Vancouver, the Street Food City was also in effect. I can't remember if I did a review for these food trucks before, but I thought I would take the opportunities to add it in if I haven't done so far already.

Le Tigre: I haven't had Le Tigre before and what drew my mention to their truck was their naming convention for their dishes. I ordered the Kick Ass Rice, and it was unbelievable. It definitely lived up to its name. The rice was extremely savory, and each bite was packed with flavor. I could eat this rice all day. The pork belly was prepared a bit differently. I thought the pork belly would be seared to a crisp, but it was soft. I think the pork belly was boiled. It broke apart very easily and melted in your mouth. The poached egg was a bonus. It was heaven. This is a must try.

 photo 20140126_112454_resize_zpsee77b2fd.jpg
 photo 20140126_113134_resize_zps7f0015b3.jpg
* Kick Ass Rice *
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Reel Mac and Cheese: Mac and Cheese was something I wasn't used to growing up. I tried it a couple of times when I was a kid and hated it. I'm starting to enjoy it now, because how creative it can get, but if I were to eat straight up mac and cheese only, I would refuse. I ordered The Green Mile with bacon. You can't go wrong with bacon. The Green Mile consisted of their classic mac and cheese with broccoli and crispy onions. It wasn't bad, and I would order from this food truck again. The cheese wasn't too gooey or thick. The macaroni were soft and not overcooked. I had to stop myself half way. This dish was very filling, and I had to save room for others.

 photo 20140126_113012_resize_zps143f9960.jpg
 photo 20140126_113022_resize_zps6fb95797.jpg
* The Green Mile *
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Tacofino: I'm a huge fan of fish tacos and I can't get enough of it. I always wanted to try Tacofino, and this was the perfect time. I ordered the fish taco, and I was satisfied. The ingredients were fresh and the fish tasted incredible. It was deep fried to perfection, and the batter was super light. I enjoyed every bite. The best part is that they give you two wraps in case it breaks.

 photo 20140126_120429_resize_zpsb443b595.jpg
 photo 20140126_120559_resize_zpsc83b4393.jpg
* Fish Taco *
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Mom's Grilled Cheese Truck: I'm sure that I did a review for Mom's Grilled Cheese Truck. The weather was getting a bit chilly, and I was almost at my max capacity. Instead of ordering their special of the day, I opted in for their tomato soup and pickles. I don't know why but I love their pickles. It is highly addictive. I had the tomato soup before and again I was not disappointed. It was creamy and rich. The soup was packed with flavor, and each spoonful was filled with tomato. I still haven't tried their meatloaf grilled cheese sandwich.

 photo 20140126_115104_resize_zps5645f243.jpg
* Tomato soup and pickles *
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Dougie Dog: Last but not least Dougie Dog. I did a review of Dougie Dog when it was still relatively new, and before they got into the food truck business or Dragon's Den. I wasn't a humongous fan of the establishment, but maybe it changed for the better. I didn't order a hotdog and grabbed a bottle of their root beer instead. Nothing has changed since the first time I had it. I still think this is the best root beer I had in my life. It's smooth and not too carbonated. The butterscotch flavoring masks the root beer flavor at times and it is incredibly delicious.

 photo 20140126_120419_resize_zps4a56655e.jpg
* Dougie Dog Root Beer *
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