Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up (12/6-12/8)

I apologize for the long delay. I been caught up and felt lazy to do anything about it. I promise to do better.


Maria has never been to a hockey game before. I thought it would be a treat to take her out to her first game. She still reps the Edmonton Oilers even though she lives in Vancouver. Unfortunately, this wasn't the Vancouver Canucks Vs Edmonton Oilers game, but it was still an enjoyable experience. We missed the first period, and I was glad it wasn't a boring game. Although, Maria did fall asleep during the game. It was an awesome but frustrating game to watch. Luckily we were able to clinch the win during overtime. Maria didn't bother to celebrate whenever we scored or won the game. She promises me she would be the loudest if she were to watch the Edmonton Oilers play against Vancouver Canucks. I'm afraid to take her to a Vancouver Canucks Vs Edmonton Oilers game. I fear for her safety. GO CANUCKS GO!

 photo 20131206_195152_resize_zpsa8169250.jpg
* =D *
 photo 20131206_214002_resize_zps13133e57.jpg
* 3 - 2 Canucks *
 photo 20131206_213843_resize_zps2c60bb3f.jpg

After the game, we went to one of our favorite restaurants; Guu Original. I'll keep it short and simple. Throughout my multiple visits to the Guu, I was never once disappointed with their service or food. Their service was quick and friendly. Their food came out promptly, hot and delicious. We ordered the Kabocha Croquette, Oden, Calamari, Tontoro, Gyu Tan, Maguro Steak and Green Tea Ice Cream. The dish of the night was the Maguro Steak. It was tuna that been seasoned and grilled as if it were a streak. It was fantastic. I highly recommend this dish. All the other dishes were delicious such as; Koabocha Croquette, Oden, and Tontoro. The Gyu Tan tasted a bit weird for me, and I am not a big fan of cow tongue. The calamari was disappointing. I expected much more out of it of the calamari. I thought the batter was a bit heavy, and the colouring made me feel as if the fryer oil needed to be changed. The green tea ice cream was from La Casa Gelato? which I thought was made in house. I felt cheated. Other than that, I still hold this restaurant on my top 10 =D.

 photo 20131206_222430_resize_zps10c919a2.jpg
 photo 20131206_223047_resize_zps1ef8540e.jpg
* Kabocha Croquette *
 photo 20131206_223126_resize_zps70534f5a.jpg
* Dat egg... *
 photo 20131206_223450_resize_zps93708a77.jpg
* Oden *
 photo 20131206_223609_resize_zpse880affe.jpg
* Calamari *
 photo 20131206_223924_resize_zps1ffee4c0.jpg
*  Tontoro *
 photo 20131206_223335_resize_zps0b0cd16f.jpg
* Gyu Tan *
 photo 20131206_223615_resize_zps9d51c49f.jpg
* Maguro Steak *
 photo 20131206_231224_resize_zps1219e6ee.jpg
* Green Tea Ice Cream *

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I went out to do some Christmas shopping but ended up getting a haircut instead. I normally cut my own hair because it is simple and cheap. My hair tend to grow fast, and I have to cut it weekly. I couldn't justify spending $15+ on haircuts regularly. I guess today was an exception. I decided to try out Tommy Gun's Original Barbershop. If this goes well, I might be coming back. My initial thoughts were great friendly staff, clean, and chilled environment. This place caters to men. Upon receiving my haircut, I felt that all the staff were very new at what they were doing. I did not think my barber was comfortable or had confidence in performing a fade. I got my beard trimmed too. I don't like it clean shaved. I took the opportunity to get a hot towel shave on my cheek and have my beard line cleaned up. The barber who was helping me couldn't perform the task as she was not trained. I had to wait until I got someone with experience. Even then, all the staff surrounded me as they got taught how to perform this task. The experience felt awesome, but the delivery didn't. My haircut was fine, but the shave did not turn out as I wanted. I'm thinking this place will get better with time as the staff needs more experience, but for now I think I'll do it myself.

 photo 20131207_162932_resize_zpsd69df6f7.jpg
* Fade in progress *
 photo 20131207_170714_resize_zps968d30e4.jpg
* Shave me down *
 photo 20131207_171643_resize_zpsee39f11f.jpg

Heidi was in town for the weekend. She wanted quality Japanese food. We took her out to Kiriri for dinner. I won't do another review, but I'm starting to love this place more and more each time I visit. It's expensive, but the food is on point.

 photo 20131207_194255_resize_zps6e3c9c01.jpg
* Kiriri *
 photo 20131207_200029_resize_zps9466baee.jpg
* Hot Sake *
 photo 20131207_200427_resize_zpsa6329c27.jpg
* Salmon, Toro, Hamachi sashimi *
 photo 20131207_201537_resize_zps34f0600c.jpg
* I don't remember what rolls I ordered *
 photo 20131207_200628_resize_zps8b1351a2.jpg
* Red Tuna Tower *
 photo 20131207_200830_resize_zps67001248.jpg
* Agedashi Tofu *
 photo 20131207_201103_resize_zpsa0fe3f04.jpg
* Miso Black Cod *
 photo 20131207_201350_resize_zpsdbbb91d1.jpg
* Oden *
 photo 20131207_201441_resize_zpsb49fb65d.jpg
* Beef Sashimi *
 photo 20131207_201450_resize_zps939103c6.jpg
* Short Ribs *
 photo 20131207_204612_resize_zpsff131525.jpg
* Black Sesame Ice Cream, Red Bean dessert ? *
 photo DSC03483_resize_zps8a03ba39.jpg
* Smile ladies *
 photo DSC03485_resize_zps8f34bc6b.jpg
* Smirk *


I saw this cake at Costco and had to have it. Be careful. It's dangerously good and filling.

 photo 20131207_225948_resize_zpsf1a03a55.jpg
* Peppermint Red Velvet cake *

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