Monday, September 16, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up (8/23 - 8/25)


It's been another busy week, and I'm thankful for the weekend. I can't wait to sit back and relax. The weather has been beautiful, and I need to go out and enjoy it.

I made a quick trip to the states for a few pickups and came back in time for beers at Bo's. So far so good.


I finally had the chance to check out the newly opened House of Hoops at Metrotown. They took over the Athletes World spot next to Superstore. One side of the store was used for the House of Hoops while the other side was used for Footlocker. It was pretty neat, and I'm sure this will serve well for the sneakerheads. I had to cop these two tees to represent the home town.

 photo DSC03406_resize_zpsb8a05f50.jpg
* 604 Basketball *


Maria had the day off. I thought it would be grand to spend the afternoon at the beach and dinner at Teahouse in Stanley Park.

 photo DSC03377_resize_zps3f02af7f.jpg
* Beach! *
 photo DSC03382_resize_zps2ab7aed3.jpg
* Peak A Boo *
 photo DSC03389_resize_zpsf0b0a134.jpg
* Bae caught me slipping *

I had been to Teahouse before, and I absolutely loved it. I always wanted to come back for their Sunday Prime Rib special but never had the chance until now. Maria has never been to this restaurant, and she felt amazed at its decor and location. I was glad that we were able to see the sunset. I failed horribly at my previous attempt. Our server was friendly at first but became snobby soon after the table he was serving next to us ordered a bottle of Dom. I guess he was expecting a better tip from them than from us. We ordered a pitcher of Sangria, Pepper Crusted Seared Albacore Tuna, Margherita Pizza, Prime Rib, Creme Brulee and Chocolate Milano cake. The pitcher of Sangria was too much for us. I felt ambitious and thought we could have easily finished it; when we left, we still had a glass full. There was nothing wrong with the Sangria. In fact, it was refreshing and delicious. It was like drinking juice. It was perfectly paired for the occasion and weather. The Pepper Crusted Seared Albacore Tuna was a fantastic dish to start. It was fresh and had great flavor. Regardless of how it was eaten (with or without sauce), it was tasty. The Margherita pizza was simple and heavenly. It was made from fresh ingredients that you can certainly taste. It wasn't too heavy or greasy which I liked because it left room for the Prime Rib. The Prime Rib was delightful, but we had to wait longer than the other tables to receive our dish. I had a feeling that the table next to us who ordered the Dom took our Prime Rib. The Prime Rib locked in massive flavor, and I savored every bite. As we took our time eating the Prime Rib, I noticed the meat became chewy and stringy as the dish got cold. I would suggest eating it as quick as possible because it isn't as enjoyable when it is chewy and stringy. The Creme Brulee had a thick crust which I loved. Most places I had tried only had a thin crust, and I think the crust in the Creme Brulee is the best part. Sometimes I wish I brought my own torch so that I can eat nothing but the crust. Even with the thick crust, I was not 100% pleased; for some reason the dessert tasted burnt or else it would've been perfect. The Chocolate Milano cake was light and chocolaty. It wasn't overwhelming and thought it was a terrific dish to end the night. I will be coming back even though I had a better experience the first time. A must try if you're in Vancouver.

 photo DSC03390_resize_zpsfc3a91d4.jpg
* Teahouse *
 photo DSC03391_resize_zps34b8c1fa.jpg
* Sangria *
 photo DSC03395_resize_zps4b0c9d57.jpg
* This is good!! *
 photo DSC03394_resize_zpsdd66f541.jpg
* Caesar Salad *
 photo DSC03392_resize_zpsfdd7b795.jpg
* Pepper Crusted Seared Albacore Tuna *
 photo DSC03393_resize_zps41a15cc1.jpg
* Margherita Pizza *
 photo DSC03402_resize_zps9c960abc.jpg
* Prime Rib *
 photo DSC03403_resize_zps25126434.jpg
* Creme Brulee *
 photo DSC03404_resize_zps9e85edcf.jpg
* Chocolate Milano cake *

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