Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Dinner at Mahony and Sons

Ever since the new edition to the Vancouver Convention Center (Burrard Landing) got built, I always wanted to check out Mahony and Sons. They have a location on UBC, and I heard positive reviews. I wanted to go when the Vancouver Canucks were playing, but I changed my mind since the sunset view from the restaurant was spectacular. I took Maria here for a date night, but, unfortunately, there were dark clouds in the forecast. I guess I can't always have everything. The restaurant resembled a modern Irish pub. Imagine walking into a traditional Irish pub with a nice finish to all the furniture and decor. It was pleasant and comforting. Our waitress was friendly, energetic and prompt. We ordered the Arancini, Spicy Cayenne Chicken Wings, Irish Sausage Bangers & Mash, Italian Inspired Rib Eye Steak and a Mohony Sundae Sampler. The menu described Arancini as panko breaded risotto stuffed with Armstrong cheddar; served with a roasted red pepper Romesco sauce. The description itself sounded delicious. I was not disappointed. It tasted fantastic. I couldn't get enough of it. It had excellent flavor and the sauce took it the next level. It was a delightful dish to start the evening. The Spicy Cayenne Chicken Wings was not as good as the Arancini but was better than most wings I had at other restaurants. The wings were thick and juicy, lightly deep fried and covered in a tingly not too fiery hot sauce. I almost regretted ordering the Irish Sausage Bangers & Mash. It tasted a lot better in my head than when I was ordering. When the dish came out I was relieved that it turned out better than I thought. The sausages were phenomenal and were hard to resist eating all at once. The gravy made the sausage and mash taste better but wasn't required. I couldn't find anything wrong with this dish. Maria ordered the Italian Inspired Rib Eye Steak. She was quite curious as to how 15 year aged balsamic vinegar would taste on a steak. She loved it and smiled at each piece she carved. I took a piece, and I agree it was lovely. The aged balsamic vinegar was not overpowering and gave the steak a pleasant flavor. The steak was not chewy or stringy. It was soft and locked in a lot of juices. With all the food, we ordered, I had no idea how we were able to squeeze dessert into this meal. The Mahony Sundae Sampler came with three sundaes of your choice. We chose the Strawberry Cheesecake, Chocolate sundae and their feature gelato (which I forgot, something to do with raspberry). All three gelato were remarkably enjoyable and not heavy or filling. It was light and refreshing to the palate. I couldn’t figure out if the gelato was house made or bought. Overall, I loved this restaurant, and I need to come back for a hockey game or an actual sunset.

 photo 20130814_191537_resize_zps1ad2b907.jpg
 photo 20130814_192042_resize_zpse737975d.jpg
* Strawberry Daiquiris *
 photo 20130814_192123_resize_zps92196038.jpg
* Sampler: Smithwicks, Harp, Kilkenny, Guinness *
 photo 20130814_193833_resize_zps5d415a28.jpg
* Arancini *
 photo 20130814_193842_resize_zps9587eba6.jpg
* Spicy Cayenne Chicken Wings *
 photo 20130814_195505_resize_zps24e13f29.jpg
* Irish Sausage Bangers & Mash *
 photo 20130814_195510_resize_zps623ab8eb.jpg
* Italian Inspired Rib Eye Steak *
 photo 20130814_204152_resize_zps6a238fed.jpg
* Mohony Sundae Sampler *

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