Thursday, September 26, 2013

Dinner at Bobby's Hawaiian Style Resturant

I took a random day off from work and went to the states with Maria. I think it was our first time this year that we went all the way to the outlets. After a long day of shopping, we needed to refuel. I found Bobby's Hawaiian Style Restaurant. This restaurant got featured on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. For some reason, I get truly excited about trying new food that got featured on TV. The restaurant was unusually spacious, but it felt like I was sitting at a buffet at times. Our waitress was super friendly and helpful. She took her time and helped us with our selection. It was by far the best customer service I have received in a while. We ordered the Spam Musubi, Poke Musubi (not pictured), Bobby's Laua Plate (Laulau, Kalua Pork, Poi, Poke, Lomi Salmon) and Combo (Mochiko Chicken and Kalbi Ribs) (not pictured). This was my first time eating a Spam Musubi. My immediate thought was spam sushi. It is going to taste like spam and rice, nothing special. I was wrong. It didn't taste like spam at all. The spam was grilled and glazed with a sweet sauce that turned this dish into something special. I wanted more, but I knew I had to save my belly for the other dishes. The Poke Musubi was similar to the Spam Musubi but instead of spam, it was raw fish. I think it was Yellowfin Tuna. The cut was thick and marinated in some sauce (I can't remember). It was brilliant. Both Musubi contained a lot of rice and I was starting to get full. Bobby's Laua Plate was enormous, and I was determined to finish it all. I think this dish was meant for two people. The Laulau was steamed pork wrapped in taro leaf. It reminded me of stewed pork. It was soft and moist. It trapped in a lot of flavor with hints of the taro leaf. You can add sauces or salt to it, but I thought it tasted beautiful as is. The Kalua Pork was the oven roasted pork. It is tremendously popular in Hawaii. It was like pulled pork but without the sauces. Again, it was soft, moist and flavorful, especially with the juices that got trapped in. It melts in your mouth. I don't know what else to say. Additional sauces or salt can be added for more flavors but not required. The Poi was a bit weird for me. I didn't quite enjoy it. I think it was like a desert of some sort. The texture was similar to Black Sesame pudding, and the taste was like taro but stranger. The Poke was similar to the Poke Musubi. The portions were large. The raw fish did not seem to be marinated in the same way as in the Musubi. It was refreshing with a hint of lime, salt and green onion. The Lomi Salmon was my favorite. It was like eating dry salsa with salmon chunks. The salmon chunks were sprinkled with salt from Hawaii, and I loved it. You could taste the ocean from the salt. The Mochiko Chicken was impressive. It is sweet honey fried chicken. It was insane. Imagine sweet and sour pork but chicken and a hundred times better. The Kalbi Rib was unstoppable. They used the same marinate as the Spam Musubi. The Kalbi Rib was sweet, soft, not chewy, tough or stringy. It was perfect. I would be happy if I ordered this dish alone. Bobby's Hawaiian Style Restaurant did not disappoint me and lived up to its reputation. This is a must try.

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* Guy approved *
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* Aloha *
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* Hawaiian Sun, straight from the source *
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* Spam Musubi *
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* Bobby's Laua Plate*

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