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Weekend Wrap Up (7/12 - 7/14)


I got invited to go down to Calgary with Heidi and Kyle, and I couldn't be happier. It has been a while since I took a short trip outside the city. We were going to drive down from Vancouver to Calgary. It should take us roughly twelve hours. I was ready for a short getaway, but before all that, I received this in the mail.

 photo DSC03228_resize_zps9f2666ff.jpg
* Kidrobot X Futurama "Hypno Toad" *
 photo DSC03229_resize_zpseb4de414.jpg
* Kidrobot tee *

I got picked up and left Surrey a little before 7AM, and our goal was to be in Calgary by dinner time. I didn't know when dinner time was, but my only request was to visit Peters' Drive-In. We didn't encounter any traffic, and it was a smooth ride. I dipped in and out of sleep. The scenery was beautiful on some parts otherwise it was a long stretch of road. We passed by many vineyards on the way, and Heidi decided we should take part. We took the next vineyard sign exit and approached a winding uphill road. It took us ten minutes to reach the top and I swear I thought we were going to die. The road was deserted, and three quarters in, we saw dolls attached to trees and posts which lead to a house. *WTF* It was so freaky. It looked as it came out of a movie. My life was going to end right there. When we did reach the top, we saw Larch Hills Winery. The view was fantastic. They offered a bunch of different white and red wines, and we tried about a quarter. We walked away with a dozen, but we could have easily bought more. The pricing was extremely decent, and I wished I could have brought some home with me. I don't know when will I ever get another chance to visit this vineyard again, but this was well worth the stop.

 photo DSC03230_resize_zps8ed47d6d.jpg
* Nothing but grapes here *

I took the wheel after vineyard, and I have to admit, the next three hours were boring. I keep on yawning and almost falling asleep. The highway turned into one lane, and it got frustrating when I got stuck behind a slow car. To make matters worse, when the highway opened back into two lanes, it was hard to pass the slower vehicles because of the winding roads. I drove from Golden to the borders of Alberta. We saw debris on the side of the road along the highway inching closer to Calgary from the flood. It was hard to believe that this happened two weeks ago. Fast forward two hours later, we were finally in Calgary after a twelve hour drive and our first stop was at Peters' Drive-In. Everything was the same as I when I came here five years ago. The lineup was no different from the one I encountered before. I ordered the double cheeseburger, fries, and a pineapple and mango milkshake. The double cheese burger melted in my mouth. The bun was soft and fluffy. The burger patty was flavorful and soft as cotton candy. It was hard to contain myself from ordering another. The fries were ordinary and had no salt, but it was addicting. It was so hard to stop after having a handful. The milkshake was the best; served with real ice cream, fruits and whipped cream. It was thick and challenging to get through the straw, but it was rewarding. I don't think I will ever get sick of this place. I still need try Five Guys. *sigh*

 photo 20130711_193355_resize_zps8c7f8edd.jpg
* Peters' Drive-In *
 photo 20130711_194555_resize_zpsb50ac20c.jpg
* Milkshake *
 photo 20130711_194939_resize_zps4425d3c7.jpg
* Fries *
 photo 20130711_195010_resize_zps77527ab0.jpg
* Before *
 photo 20130711_195152_resize_zps00ce2ff7.jpg
* After *

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I didn't have much time in Calgary, and I went to the biggest event the city can show me; the Stampede. I had always heard fantastic things about the Stampede and how crazy it can be. I’m excited. I didn't know what shenanigans I was going to get myself into. The fairgrounds reminded of the PNE but bigger. I was a bit disappointed at this point, but I was hungry and was ready to chow. We ordered Deep Fried Cheese, Steak Sandwich, Corn Dog, Maple Syrup Poutine, and Chicken and Waffles. I was a bit skeptical about the Deep Fried Cheese, but OMG it was fantastic. Great gooey cheesiness. The Steak Sandwich wasn't bad and what saved it for me was the BBQ sauce. It was sweet and smoky which made the sandwich that much better. The Corn Dog was by far the best. Nikko kept on hyping it up, and it lived up to its hype. It was deep fried into perfection with a butter milk batter. It was neither greasy nor soggy. It was crispy and delicious. I wanted to order another, but I had to save room for the other food. The Maple Syrup Poutine was so-so. The maple syrup and gravy worked well and wasn't over powering. It was not heavy or filling which I liked. It left more room for other foods. I think my mind remained stuck on Montreal for their Poutine. I don’t think anything can beat that. The Chicken and Waffles was great if it was not soggy and drenched in syrup. The waffle should be crisper. They should have gone easier on the syrup. The chicken, however, was great. It was moist and slightly crispy. It locked in great flavor, and the syrup worked great with it. The powdered sugar was a bonus and made the whole dish a bit sweeter.

We walked through the Stampede and visited a couple of beer gardens, petting zoo and attractions. All the shows offered required tickets and with the limited time I had left, it was not worth it for me. There was one attraction I wanted to check out, Nashville. It was a giant tent that transformed into a country club. The tent got packed with people and booze. They had live bands and everything. Unfortunately, the lineup was a two hour wait and people would go to the Stampede solely for this tent. Only if I had time, I would totally go there and get white boy wasted.

 photo DSC03234_resize_zpsba31df21.jpg
* The greatest outdoor show on Earth *
 photo DSC03236_resize_zpsba632b9c.jpg
* Hot Wisconsin Cheese *
 photo DSC03239_resize_zpsa47d2241.jpg
* Deep Fried Cheese *
 photo DSC03237_resize_zpsdda912bd.jpg
* Butcher Boys *
 photo DSC03238_resize_zps4ec177b2.jpg
* Steak Sandwich *
 photo DSC03240_resize_zpsafe20d42.jpg
* Corn Dog (Jumbo) *
 photo DSC03243_resize_zpsf78b5a10.jpg
* LA Poutinerie *
 photo DSC03244_resize_zpsace8a9ec.jpg
* Maple Syrup Poutine *
 photo DSC03251_resize_zpsc6963f57.jpg
* Waffles & Chix *
 photo DSC03252_resize_zpsd14345bb.jpg
* Chicken and Waffles *
 photo DSC03242_resize_zpsb5bbfd5c.jpg
* $60 worth of effort for that prize *
 photo DSC03245_resize_zpsa0887d79.jpg
* Enjoying a Bud *

After a full day at the Stampede, it was time to say goodbye and head off to Edmonton. I took the Greyhound over, and the ride lasted about three hours. It was another long straight road. During the ride, I have encountered hail and what seemed to look like a tornado in the works. It was fun Calgary; I'll see you again next time. Thanks Heidi and Kyle for letting me come along for the ride.

 photo DSC03253_resize_zps5e0d6b53.jpg
* What a wonderful trip *
 photo DSC03254_resize_zpse4790df4.jpg
* Kyle / Heidi / Me *


I arrived late last night, and the first thing I do this morning was to pick up some sneakers. I was successful on picking up the Jordan 4 "Toro" online but the Jordan 1 "Shadow" gave me a hard time. I only knew one store in Edmonton that had it and I woke Maria up from her slumber to drive me to Foosh. I called beforehand and made sure that they still had my size. The race was on. I was lucky to have picked up the last pair. Even on vacation, I still have sneakers on my mind.

 photo DSC03255_resize_zpsd2fe05ac.jpg
* Jordan 1 "Shadow" *


I don't think I have time to check out any restaurant during this trip. Ever since I landed in Edmonton, it has been nothing but family gatherings, lunches and dinners. I'm not complaining, but my tummy is starting to stretch. I'll never get the body I want *sigh*. Damn you food!

 photo 20130713_211759_resize_zps140d4e5c.jpg
* Always a pleasure seeing this kid running around *

I found some time in between lunch and dinner to squeeze by the mall. I picked up a couple of things at the mall, but I'm hoping I will yield a better a result at WEM.

 photo DSC03273_resize_zps2c925c6d.jpg
* Diamond / Stussy *


I was a bit disappointed that Maria and I didn't find much at WEM. We spend an afternoon at the mall and couldn't find anything that appealed to us. Every time we go to WEM, we always stop by at the pet store. This time we almost didn't because we were running out of time, but I convince Maria otherwise. Once we stepped into the pet store Maria fell in love with the Yorkie Poodle. We had to make some quick calls to her mom to see if she wanted the dog. The wait was long and painful. We tried to shop it off, but the thought of the doggie was distracting us. When Maria's mom finally called back and gave the thumbs up, we purchased the doggie. Welcome home, Paris.

 photo DSC03268_resize_zps14ba5205.jpg
* Perfect guard dog *
 photo DSC03266_resize_zps248fc563.jpg
* Anyone wants soup? *


Back to Vancouver and I miss the doggie dearly. Maria woke up 6AM. I have never seen Maria wake up that early for anything. This was her only chance to spend time with Paris before we had to leaving. Our hearts broke when we said goodbye to Paris and it started yelp and cry.

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