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Weekend Wrap Up (6/7 - 6/9)


Like last week, nothing much changed in my braces, but I am due for another orthodontist appointment next week. I have gained back all the weight I lost during the first couple of weeks *sigh*

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* Week 7*

After work, I went to Alibi Room with a couple of coworkers. The atmosphere was lively, and the staffs were well knowledgeable about the beers on tap. The decor was a crossover of an old rustic tavern / restaurant. They had an extensive beer menu; it was one page doubled sided. It was insane. I couldn't decide on a beer and ordered a set of samples. The beers were fantastic and I ended up getting another set of samples. I think I tried ten different beers. For dinner, I ordered the "Grilled Pork Loin" and "Bucket of Fries". The "Grilled Pork Loin" was unbelievable. They grilled it to my likings and the fixings were tasty. The pork lion was sitting on top a dim sum taro cake. I found it interesting because it is usually place on top of mash potato. The "Bucket of Fries" was okay, but what made it addicting was their home made ketchup. It had a distinct taste which I couldn't figure out, but later found out to be curry. They mixed fresh organic tomatoes with curry to give it a kick. It was truly addicting. This place was amazing. Good food, good drinks and good company. It is worth checking on a beautiful sunny day.

 photo 20130607_193716_resize_zpsd68e527a.jpg
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* Samplers *
 photo 20130607_201355_resize_zpsa79dacdd.jpg
* Bucket of Fries *
 photo 20130607_201228_resize_zpsf2d57ca0.jpg
* Grilled Pork Loin *

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After dinner, I went to the Richmond Night Market for snacks. Paul told me about a ramen stall that I might enjoy. I never have seen someone serving up fresh ramen at the night market. I wanted to try it. The stall had a huge pot of broth boiling in the background, and all the noodles were in sandwich bags ready to be cooked. They also had fresh cha siu grilling. My mouth was watering waiting for my order. It wasn't the best ramen compared a restaurant, but it was pretty darnn good. The soup was flavorful, and the cha siu was tasty. I would get this again.

 photo 20130607_231332_resize_zps65e8d851.jpg
* Crazy over ducks *
 photo 20130607_232152_resize_zpsab823f9a.jpg
* Sho Ramen *
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* Ramen to go *


Another Saturday and I had to get another pair of sneakers. I think my addiction with shoes is slowly taking my life.

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* Jordan 11 Low white/black/true red *

Paul's birthday is in a couple of weeks, and I thought it would be awesome to take him to the Vancouver Retro Gaming Expo. The event was in New Westminster and sections of the city got transformed into San Francisco. They were filming a scene of Godzilla.

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* Welcome to San Francisco *
 photo 20130608_191347_resize_zps1b039cf2.jpg
* On set waiting for Godzilla *
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* There's a new sheriff in town *

The Vancouver Retro Gaming Expo was an eye opener. I never knew events like these existed. Paul and I came to the event late and didn't catch what happening during the day / afternoon. When we arrived, there were bands on stage and games scattered throughout the event. Most of the games didn't appeal to us, and when we did find something to play, it didn't hold our attention or didn’t work properly. The room had a weird vibe that Paul and I couldn't overcome. We were getting out geek'd, and we couldn't understand some of the references they made. We patiently waited to the end of the event for an auction. We wanted to win a pair of tickets to PAX. I offered $200 and got outbid seconds later. We wanted to place a $300 bid, but it got sold before we could make an offer. It was sad to say we didn't leave the event with tickets in our hands.

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* Vancouver Retro Gaming Expo *


It was a beautiful day, and I decided to UNDS a pair of sneakers.

 photo 20130609_132031_resize_zps8c60923d.jpg
* Mighty Crown x Nike Sky Force 88 Low *

Maria and I had a busy schedule. We were en route to a baby shower, BBQ, Italian Day on Commercial Drive, and a birthday dinner. We didn't stay long for the baby shower and BBQ. The Italian Day on Commercial Drive was worth checking. Maria and I could have easily spent three to four hours exploring the event which ran ten blocks. We also had to hold back our appetite because we couldn't get too full before the birthday dinner. We bought homemade meatballs on marinara sauce, and it was amazing. I wished I had pasta to go along with it. They sold over 400 meatballs by the time we ordered. We saw a lot of stands offering hot dogs, but there were one stand that I had my eyes on, Falconetti's. I didn't get a chance to try it, but it's on my list. We got cupcakes at Cassia Cupcakery. We ordered mini Cookies and Cream and Mint Chocolate cupcakes. I liked them. They were soft and moist. The flavors were dominating but not too sweet or overpowering. We had the mini cupcakes and don't know if the regular sized cupcakes will hold true. Maria had oysters at Merchant's Oyster Bar. There were fresh, and she enjoyed the larger oyster than the smaller sized. Then we wrapped things up with Connoli from Connoli King. The connoli were delightful. It was my first time having one, and it was like having a puff ball but in a shape of a tube.

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* Italian Day on Commercial Drive *
 photo DSC03121_resize_zps20f92a01.jpg
* Meatballs! *
 photo DSC03122_resize_zps90ed64df.jpg
* Line up @ Falconetti's *
 photo DSC03123_resize_zpsa58352c8.jpg
* Let the party begin *
 photo DSC03124_resize_zpsa9f5dbf4.jpg
* mini Cookies and Cream and Mint Chocolate cupcakes *
 photo DSC03128_resize_zps76b5f9b6.jpg
* Merchant's Oyster Bar *
 photo DSC03130_resize_zpsa7b4ba22.jpg
* Where's the pearl? *
 photo DSC03131_resize_zpsb5ddb447.jpg
* Cannoli King *
 photo DSC03132_resize_zps88161cd9.jpg
* Cannoli *

We were a bit late to Angie birthday dinner at Suika, but I thought it was worth it. I had always wanted to visit Suika but never had the chance. This restaurant was extremely similar to The Guu, but I found the atmosphere better at The Guu. The decor felt as I was in a night club or lounge. We ordered Calamari, Beef Filet Fried Rice, Salmon Battera, Chicken Karaage, Tokyo Oxtail Raman, Beef Short Rib, Assorted Sashimi, Grilled Sable Fish and Grilled Duck. The Calamari, Chicken Karaage and Assorted Sashimi were alright. Nothing stood out particularly about these three dishes. The Beef Filet Fried Rice was delicious. The dish was so simple and full of flavor. I'm going to attempt this at home. The Salmon Battera was good. It was light and refreshing. The Tokyo Oxtail Ramen was unique for me. I never had oxtail before. The soup was clear and soy based with a hint of beef. It was good, but I felt that it didn't taste or fall into the typical ramen category I’m familiar with. It was worth trying. The Beef Short Rib shocked me. I thought were going to get slices of short ribs like in Korean BBQ. I didn't expect one giant piece. The meat was soft and moist. The sauce was sweet and didn't hide the smokey flavor. The Grilled Sable Fish was my favorite. I love how this fish taste when it's grilled. There were bones and the meat was not hard to pick up. The Grilled Duck was my least favorite dish. For some reason, every time I think about duck I always picture it tasting like Peking Duck. With that in mind, the Grilled Duck didn't appeal to me. I enjoyed the restaurant and wouldn't mind coming back. Having a birthday dinner is a must. The restaurant caters to your birthday and a lovely surprise awaits you.

 photo DSC03133_resize_zpsbabe29ca.jpg
* Suika *
 photo DSC03139_resize_zpsf4f105d9.jpg
* Orion Beer *
 photo DSC03134_resize_zpsd88a55bf.jpg
* Calamari *
 photo DSC03135_resize_zps4bd3326c.jpg
* Beef Filet Fried Rice *
* Salmon Battera *
 photo DSC03138_resize_zpse0f4a5c8.jpg
* Chicken Karaage *
 photo DSC03140_resize_zpsf3c0a38b.jpg
* Tokyo Oxtail Ramen *
 photo DSC03141_resize_zpscc791f75.jpg
* Beef Short Rib *
 photo DSC03143_resize_zps0a90fb62.jpg
* Assorted Sashimi *
 photo DSC03145_resize_zps32be4532.jpg
* Grilled Sable Fish *
 photo DSC03146_resize_zpsa03b4c1d.jpg
* Grilled Duck *
 photo DSC03148_resize_zps3da1d040.jpg
* What's wrong Paul? *
 photo DSC03154_resize_zpsc786b92c.jpg
* Make a wish *
 photo DSC03157_resize_zps3dc87150.jpg
* Happy Birthday Angie! =D *

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