Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up (5/17 - 5/20)


*Sigh* Another long weekend and I have nowhere to go. =( I am hoping that next year will be different. Maybe things will start to look better once my student loans are paid off. I am three weeks away from being free. Anyway, Week 4 has been good to me. I'm starting to eat more and more. I'm gaining the pounds I lost. I ate a whole bag of chips when I shouldn’t. It’s one of the foods I can't eat. I felt like a rebel. I tried capturing the spot where my two teeth got extracted, but it didn't show up too well on the picture. I haven’t seen any progression, but I am due to see the orthodontist next week. I hope to see results soon.

 photo 20130520_183819_resize_zps990b0d21.jpg
* Week 4 *

I always look forward to my monthly meet up with my peeps from SAP. It's always exciting to reconnect and catch up. I wish I took more photos, but it slipped my mind. We didn't choose our traditional route of going to a bar and stepped it up a notch. We went to The Keg. I renewed my driver license last week, and I was extremely certain that I wasn't going to get ID tonight. I didn't bring my passport as a backup, and I got asked for ID. I couldn't believe it. I guess no beers for me tonight. I will test my luck again in five years or maybe I will leave it behind on purpose.

 photo 20130517_170407_resize_zps7e514af1.jpg
* Can I take you home? *
 photo 20130517_170808_resize_zpscc57aa05.jpg
* Need to try this new brew *
 photo 20130517_192909_resize_zps367ad14d.jpg
* 16oz Prime Rib, inches?? *


It seems like almost every week I am getting new shoes, and this week was no different.

 photo DSC03097_resize_zpsb3856a6e.jpg
* Jordan 13 "Altitude" *
 photo DSC03098_resize_zpsbcb2cd0e.jpg
* Nike Roshe Run Black and Total Crimson *

In the morning, Maria and I decided to take a stroll down Storybrooke (from Once A Upon Time, TV series). I didn't know they filmed Steveston as Storybrooke. I was quite neat to see the props throughout the town.

 photo 20130518_100225_resize_zps79204ec8.jpg
* Storybrooke Pet Shelter *
 photo 20130518_100318_resize_zps98475e69.jpg
* Storybrooke Clock Tower *
 photo 20130518_110104_resize_zps1b67c338.jpg
* Mr. Gold's Store *
 photo 20130518_111609_resize_zps00dfb573.jpg
* Auto Repair Shop *
 photo 20130518_105821_resize_zps0baf1880.jpg
* Welcome to Storybrooke *

We spotted Granny's Diner from the show, which, turns out to be The Cannery Cafe. This was the main reason why we came here. The outside resembles the TV series but nothing on the inside. It was a small restaurant, and I think it barely fits 30 people. Everything offered is made fresh and the muffins coming out of the oven smelled delicious. We ordered the Smoked Salmon Omelet, Egg McMoncton and Two Eggs. I thought the Smoked Salmon Omelet was fantastic. The Smoked Salmon was thick, flaky and meaty. The Egg McMoncton was good, but I thought the ham could have been larger. The pricing was cheaper than I was expecting, and the portions were decent. The meal was simple and basic. It was nothing over the top or overwhelming. It was clean and fresh. It doesn't get better than this.

 photo 20130518_100357_resize_zps99c71d73.jpg
* Cannery Cafe *
 photo 20130518_102931_resize_zps04f3f5da.jpg
* Smoked Salmon Omelet *
 photo 20130518_102936_resize_zps25f3a9e6.jpg
* Two Eggs *
 photo 20130518_102940_resize_zpsba11fcb2.jpg
* Egg McMoncton *

The Cannery Cafe on Urbanspoon

My birthday is next week, and my neighbour was generous to give me their unused BBQ. I had to test it out and make sure everything was working. I had Bo, Tinnie and Nikko over and enjoyed a small preview of next week. I can't wait.


I haven't drank for four weeks, and I woke up with a headache. I didn't think I drank that much last night but damn! I felt grumpy. I just wanted to sleep. I still felt like shit when I woke up and decided to go the gym to shake things off. It did help and I enjoyed the rest of the day playing Sleeping Dog.


Surprisingly, Maria had the day off, and we decided to take a stroll downtown. The weather was holding up, and I came out fresh.

 photo 20130520_113515_resize_zps13b1a381.jpg
* Jordan 11 "Bred" *

I took Maria to American Cheese Steak since she never been. I order the Le Bifteck while Maria had the Classic. The Le Bifteck felt a bit lighter. It wasn't too greasy, filling or heavy compared to the others I had ordered. The arugula made it refreshing and took the beefy texture away which allowed the flavors from the carmelized onion and double-cream brie to come forward. No matter how many times I have been here, I have always left satisfied and full. The food is always consistent and delicious. The shaved prime rib is cooked to perfection. It holds the right temperature and melt instantly in your mouth.

 photo 20130520_130358_resize_zpsc66fcd58.jpg
* Le Biftteck *
 photo 20130520_130405_resize_zpsa76bd9f0.jpg
* The Classic *

The American CheeseSteak Co. on Urbanspoon

After lunch, we went shopping, and I ended picking up something. It's an early birthday present for me and from Maria. WOOOOP!! I might want to pick up the other LV money clip too.

 photo DSC03102_resize_zps13f6ca22.jpg
* Gucci money clip, LV card holder *

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