Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up (5/10 - 5/12)


I'm feeling better. I'm healing quite well from my extraction. I lost eight pounds so far, and my appetite is coming back. I took this week to relax and recover, and I miss going to the gym =( I thought about playing basketball, but the gym was closed for repairs. I wanted to drink but couldn't. My wounds need to heal. I felt so lost and bored. I wish I went on a vacation.

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* Week 3 *


I watched Iron Man 3 with Paul during the early afternoon and thought it wasn't bad. I enjoyed the story and setup. The action lacked a little, and I thought the final fight could've been more memorable. Overall I thought it was worth watching in the theaters. After the movies, Maria and I went over to Lulu Island and picked up wine. The last time I visited Lulu Island was almost two years ago. The atmosphere has changed. It feels more commercial and touristy. Also, the prices have increased. They didn't give us a deal if we were to buy a dozen compared to our first visit. We wanted the Gewurztraminer, but it got sold out. Regardless, we grabbed a couple of bottles of their other stuff.

The weather was holding out, and Maria wanted to go to Stevenson Fisherman's Wharf. We were hoping to buy spot prawns for Mother's day. By the time we arrived, we didn't see any and went for food. We choose Sockeye City Grill. We sat on the patio trying to enjoy the remaining sunshine of the day. We were lucky it didn't start raining during our meal. We ordered the West Coast Crab Cakes and the Sockeye City Fish & Chips Platter. The West Coast Crab Cakes were okay. I didn't think it was the best nor the worst. This was my first time out at a restaurant since getting braces. My judgment might be off. I haven't been able to enjoy anything I eat. The Sockeye City Fish & Chips Platter consisted of two pieces of Cod, one piece of Halibut, one piece of Salmon, two Oysters, four Prawns, Calamari coated in lemon coriander crust, Fries, and Coleslaw. The Cod and Halibut were great, but I wish the batter was different. I enjoyed the Salmon, but I thought deep frying it ruined the fish. I skipped the oysters, but the prawns were my favorite. Jumbo size and cooked perfectly. The Calamari coated in lemon coriander crust was a bit hard for me to eat, so I skipped it. The fries and coleslaw was ordinary. Overall, it was fresh and delicious fish and chips. Are there any others around the same area that would beat them?

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* Sockeye City Grill - Patio *
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* West Coast Crab Cakes *
 photo 20130511_163444_resize_zpsedd848a6.jpg
* Sockeye City Fish & Chips Platter *
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* Calamari coated in lemon coriander crust, coleslaw *
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* Cod, Halibut, Salmon, Oysters, Prawns, fries *

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Paul came over, and we finished off Gears of War 3: Judgment. I thought the game would last us a bit longer, but it didn't. We got bored and decided to sign up for PlayStation Plus. I love the fact that it gives access to free games. I think Ratchet and Clank will be our next coop game. I spent the remainder of the night watching Suits Season 2.

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