Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up (4/12 - 4/14)


No one seemed interested in doing the weekly drinking ritual at my house, so I decided that I would punish myself. When I got home from work, I did Day 1 of Insanity, then went to the gym and then finished it off with basketball. I over worked my body. I felt stupid for putting myself through this, but I'm sure it will pay off. Come on abs and summer body!


Maria and I made a short trip down to the states and picked up a couple of packages.

 photo DSC03077_resize_zpsa98bb932.jpg
* Shoepreme Yeezy II Air Fresheners *

The last time I had a pair of the Nike Cortez was in highschool. I wanted another pair for about two years, but I never saw any that caught my eye. I spotted one, and for the right price, it was an instant cop for me.

 photo DSC03076_resize_zpsc250d7cd.jpg
* Nike Cortez *
 photo DSC03078_resize_zps644df6bd.jpg
* Nike Roshe Runs Squadron Blue - my first pair *
 photo DSC03079_resize_zps131db8c9.jpg
* Reebok Answer Lows White Collection *

A trip wouldn't be a trip without food. I came across Sonic Drive In the last time I was in the states and told myself I had to try it. I thought it was pretty cool that they offered curly fries, but, in fact, they offered tater tots. I don't know why I thought about curly fries. There were two ways to order; in your car or at the outdoor seating area. There were no indoor seating. We ordered in the car but ate in the outdoor seating area. I didn't want to dirty the car and have it smell like fast food on our drive home. Some of the workers wore roller blades to deliver the food. It was neat. It made me think of the 60's or 70's. We ordered the Sonic Cheeseburger, Bacon Double Cheeseburger, Tater Tots, Mozzarella Sticks, Strawberry Limeade and Cheery Limeade. Maria had the Sonic Cheeseburger, and she liked it more than McDonalds. I had the Sonic Bacon Double Cheeseburger. I thought I was going to kill myself this burger. I guess this cancels out yesterday's workout. The burger was great. The patty was seasoned very well and had great flavors. I hate it when a burger just have that beef tasting flavor and nothing else, Sonic Drive In did not disappoint me. I don't usually have Tater Tots, but this was the best tasting tots I ever had. No wonder they were known for them. The Mozzarella Sticks were fresh and was crispy. It was gooey, soft and warm. It was one of the better tasting Mozzarella Sticks I ever had. Their Limade is similar to a Lemonade but with lime instead. I thought the strawberry tasted better than the cherry. In the Cherry Limade, you couldn't taste the lime and was overwhelming. It was like drinking a highly concentrated maraschino cherry. The strawberry was light and refreshing. The strawberry wasn't too sweet, and you could taste the lime. It was a good balance. If alcohol was in this mix, this would be my summer drink. The Limades were refreshing and a great source for washing down the burgers and tots. The pricing was very comparable to other fast food restaurant, and the portion size was enough. Maybe next time I will try eating in the car.

 photo 20130413_151539_resize_zps55a18bb7.jpg
 photo 20130413_151936_resize_zps90060101.jpg
* Menu *
 photo 20130413_152948_resize_zps27302905.jpg
* I want more! *

Sonic Drive-In on Urbanspoon

Paul, Angie, Maria and I stopped over at Warren and Mayumi's place for dinner. I haven't seen Halu for over a month. She has grown a lot and speaks more than ever. They sure do grow up quick.

 photo DSC03080_resize_zps2ad5d75d.jpg
* Rainbow Dash *
 photo DSC03081_resize_zps17972a70.jpg
* That's not how to smile *
 photo DSC03085_resize_zps398576a5.jpg
* Who's number 1 *

I thought my night was over after dinner, but it wasn't. I was out of the house as soon as I come back. I hooked with up Linh, Julie, Michelle and Luis for a night out. We tried going to The Henry, but there was no way for us to get in without waiting 45 minutes. We went to Townhall in White Rock for a couple of drinks and called it night. What were we talking about throughout the night? A lot of ramble and disgusting but mildly amusing things. What a night! It made me think about our highschool days. *sigh*


I slept in until 2pm, and I would've slept more, but I didn't feel comfortable wasting a day. I woke up and went for a run. The Sun Run was a week away, and the run turned out to be better than I thought. I think I'm ready. I hope it doesn’t rain. After the run, I relaxed for the remaining of the day and prepared myself for the week.

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