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Weekend Wrap Up (3/28 - 3/31)


I always told myself to plan a getaway for the long weekend, but it never works out. It was my 8th year anniversary last week, and I wanted to take advantage of the long weekend; I wanted to take Maria to either Victoria or Harrison. She couldn't get the time off and so I held another weekly drinking ritual at my place. This time the drinking got more intense. We added McDonald into the mix. I should stop drinking.

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* The aftermath *
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* McGangBang v2: Bacon cheeseburger with grilled chicken wrap *


Another disappointing missed released. I tried to wake up at 5AM to cop the "white out" Foamposite online but my body wouldn't respond. Why do I do this to myself? I felt like shit and slept in for a bit before going out for a run. The run was horrible. I couldn't do a proper 10k and quit after an hour of running. At least I got all the alcohol out of my body, so I think. I did some chores until a power outage occurred. I couldn't finish the chores nor could I begin cooking ribs for dinner. It would be least two hours before the power would be restored. Luckily, it was a beautiful day, and we were able to enjoy some of it.

We were getting a bit hungry, and the power hasn't been restored. I was looking forward to ribs for dinner, but I guess that has to hold for now. We stopped by Pho Tau Bay which opened nearby. I have been to the Guildford location, and I didn't like it as much because it wasn't consistent. This location by far looks way better than the Guildford location. I ordered their House Special Pho while Maria ordered the Bun Bo Hue and Salad Rolls. Their House Special Pho tasted better than I expected. The broth was tasty but a bit heavy. The MSG weighted me down when I got home. Maria didn't like the Bun Bo Hue and the Salad Roll was so-so. The dipping sauce for the Salad Roll was missing peanuts! That ruined the Salad Roll for me. Overall I didn't mind this restaurant, but I would need to try a second time to check if they're consistent. It's close to home, and it beats driving out ten minutes to get Vietnamese food.

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* Pho Tau Bay *

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When the power finally got restored, we worked on our second dinner.

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* Ribs with Cauliflower, Broccoli Mash Potatoes *


Since we couldn't go for our little getaway, I decided to take Maria downtown. It was a beautiful day to take a stroll downtown. We stopped at JapaDog for a quick snack. It's been a while since I had JapaDog, and it was delicious. It never disappoints me.

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* Eager for the food to arrive *
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* Okonomi and Terimayo *

The Vancouver International Car Show was our next stop. Maria hasn't been to a car show since she was a child and I haven't been since the beginning of high school (roughly ten years ago). We were also in the market for a new car. The car show was like going to a dealership but bigger. Every manufacturer was there. It was great to see all the dealerships under one roof. It saves a lot of time traveling from one to another. It was neat to see the current models and a glance of their next year’s model. I was bit disappointed because there wasn't a lot of concepts or super cars displayed. Otherwise, I found it fun and cannot wait for my next big purchase.

On the way to Guu Garden for dinner, we saw a film crew setting up a scene. It was weird how they were trying to create a rainy scene when Vancouver is always raining. I guess they chose the wrong day to film.

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* The sprinkler system suspended by a crane *
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* We have now entered Portland *

The first time I have been to Guu was with Warren. It was crazy that something like this existed. Every Guu restaurant I visited has been fantastic (except for the Richmond location). Each location was unique. I had been to Guu Garden before, and Maria loves this location. The service is always friendly and attentive. Their atmosphere is always lively and entertaining to watch as they scatter away fulfilling customer's requests. We ordered; Kanto-daki Oden, Agedashi Mozzarella, Tuna Tataki, Karaage, Beef Carpaccio, Salmon, Scallop, Saba and Tuna Sashimi, Short Ribs, Poutine, Saba Grill, Ton Toro, Kabocha Pudding, and Sake Ice Cream. Some of the items were on their special menu. Maria got disappointed that they weren't serving Tuna Melon. Their Oden is a must try. It's a great soup to start diner. There were two flavors and a handful of toppings to choose from for the soup. The Agedashi Mozzarella was gooey and filling. The Mozzarella was in seaweed like soup (?) which drew the oils away and made it light and enjoyable. The Tuna Tataki was soft and melted in my mouth. I always love their Karaage. It's fried to perfection, and the meat was tender and moist. The Beef Carpaccio was different from what I envisioned. I thought it would be more like Beef Sashimi, but it was a lot different. The beef slices were thicker, and I think it was from a more premium cut. It's served with two different sauces, and one of them was strawberry jam. The slices were a bit chewy, but with the sauces, it was something different I never had. The Salmon, Scallop, Saba and Tuna Sashimi were all fresh and delicious. The Short Ribs was a bit of a letdown. I thought the meat would fall off the bone. It had a smokey complexion and bold flavor. It was a timely effort to get all the meat off the bone. I'm a sucker for Poutine, and when I saw it on their special menu, I had to order it. It was different and not what I thought it would be. It was potato wedges in teriyaki gravy with cheese curbs and a lump of foie gras. It was okay, but I wouldn't order it again. The Saba Grill was tasty, but I had to watch out for the small bones. The lemon took the bitterness away of the fish and made it sweet. I think next time I will try the Gindara, which is grilled black cod. The Ton Toro (pork cheek) was my favorite. It was a bit salty, but there was so much flavor. I could eat this all day. The Kabocha Pudding was a disappointment. It didn't appear the way we remembered it to be. We didn't taste the pumpkin, and I think it was missing caramel. The Sake Ice Cream was good but wasn't the same. The Sake flavor wasn’t as sharp as I wanted it. Overall, I left satisfied and would return numerous times.

 photo DSC03053_resize_zpsfcebc0b2.jpg
* Tuna Tataki *
 photo DSC03054_resize_zps63b600e4.jpg
* Kanto-daki Oden *
 photo DSC03055_resize_zps8e698e90.jpg
* Karaage *
 photo DSC03056_resize_zpsfebfe520.jpg
* Beef Carpaccio *
 photo DSC03057_resize_zps4a896c63.jpg
* Short Ribs *
 photo DSC03058_resize_zpse39c58b3.jpg
* Salmon, Scallop, Saba and Tuna Sashimi *
 photo DSC03059_resize_zps6bca5832.jpg
* Poutine *
 photo DSC03060_resize_zpsef856bb4.jpg
* Agedashi Mozzarella *
 photo DSC03061_resize_zps0df51055.jpg
* Ton Toro *
 photo DSC03062_resize_zps0a888ca6.jpg
* Saba Grill *
 photo DSC03063_resize_zps73eec957.jpg
* Sake Ice Cream *
 photo DSC03064_resize_zps1dbc068d.jpg
* Kabocha Pudding *

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This lazy Sunday was quite busy. The sun was out beaming, and I decided to play soccer with Paul. I lost track of time and ended up playing for close to two hours. I think I got a tan. I was exhausted, but it beats running 10k. I finished up some last minute chorus before heading out for dinner. Maria was looking forward to this dinner for almost a month. She was excited to see her cousin's twin baby girls. Welcome! We didn't come for the food, we came for the babiessssssss.

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* Who is who?? *

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