Thursday, November 1, 2012

Lunch @ Yolk's

Every morning I always pass by Yolk's at Stadium-Chinatown skytrain station, but I never feel hungry *droolz*. Luckily, there were open until lunch. Their daily special was the Braised short rib breakfast sandwich. It was amazing, and the pricing was okay compared to other food carts. The braised short rib was soft and tender. The pouched egg was a bonus, but be warned it gets super messy very quickly. The English muffin soaked up every bit of the running egg. Despite being delicious, I found the sandwich to be small, and it did not leave me feeling content. It could use a side dish. I could've eaten at least three of the breakfast sandwich, but that would be overboard. I would love to try this food cart again, and I may consider ordering two or more items. I might share or I might not.

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Corner of Dunsmuir St. & Beatty St. in front of the
Stadium-Chinatown Skytrain Station
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