Thursday, September 27, 2012

Guanaco Food Truck

I can't remember the last time I went out for lunch. The concept seems foreign to me. I have been trying to keep my diet down to help me lose those last five pounds *sigh*. On the bright side, I saved my lunch money for bigger and taster dinners on the weekend. I guess it is a win of some sort. I made plans with my sister for lunch and she wanted to grab lunch off a food truck. We initially aimed for Pig on the Street, but they weren't at their usual spot. We walked around for a bit and saw Guanaco food truck. I remember seeing this food truck during the food cart festival at the Waldorf hotel. It had a huge line up, and by the time it died down, I had forgotten about it. I ordered the Revueltas Pupusas with a bottle of non-alcoholic Sangria. Surprisingly the non-alcoholic Sangria tasted incredible. It was sweet, but I guess it was to replace the alcohol. Pupusas is a thick, handmade corn tortilla with ingredients stuffed inside. I never had this before. The tortilla was very soft and warm. The spread of ingredients were consistent throughout the tortilla. The first couple of bites were unusual for me but then I began to enjoy it. It wasn't bad and was very filling, but I hoped for more stuff in the tortilla. The meal also came with Yuca Frita, which was deep fried cassava root. It looks like a thick-cut fries, but it was tastier than that. It was sweet with a mixture of a potato and sugar cane texture. I couldn't get enough of it, and it was different from the ordinary fries or salad option. At the end of the meal, I was full and drunk. I wouldn't mind trying this again.

* Guanaco *
* Non Alcoholic Sangria *
* Pupusas Revueltas: Seasoned pork with vegetables, cheese and savoury refried black beans. All menu items come with yuca frita, curtido (pickled slaw) and salsa de tomate (fresh tomato sauce) *

Robson & Seymour St, Vancouver

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