Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Lunch at koala kebabs donairs

Koala Kebabs Donairs is a small joint tucked away on West Pender. I walked past the donair shop trying to find it; it had minimal signage, so it was easy to miss. I order the chicken donair. The donair was heated up by a panini press. The wrap was warm, and it had a nice crisp to it. I could hear it with each bite. A good crunch sensation. The donair was not overloaded up with meat, which I liked. The donair had a good balance between meat and vegetables, but extra meat could be added for an additional charge. I believe all their sauces we were advertised as homemade. I choose the garlic mayo, and everything tasted fine, but I don't think I would be able to tell what is homemade and what is not. I was surprisingly full after this meal. I could easily eat two of these before I'm satisfied, or pair it off with something else. I guess one was enough to satisfy my stomach and taste buds. Good job Koala Kebabs Donairs

Verdict: I can't say that this was the best donair I ever had, but it was one of the best-balanced donairs I ever had. I would come back again.

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Sunday, March 1, 2015

33 acres

Vancouver is booming with craft beers. It seems like a new brewery is opening up every weekend. With this new market emerging, I thought I would take the time and explore it. This isn't my first micro brewery I had visited; Parallel 49 was my first. In fact, I have been to 33 Acres twice before deciding to write about it. I love the layout of 33 Acres. The all white decor does make it a bit hipster-ish, but the craft beers make up for it. Seats are limited. The drink menu does tend to change around from time to time. They also sell beers by that jar! Another plus about this micro brewery is that they have a small food menu to satisfy your munchies before heading out for your next destination. On Sundays, they have waffles and usually during dinner time they have a food truck that rolls through. To top it off, easy free street parking access.

Verdict: I'm coming back again. Hopefully next time I will be able to catch a food truck with my beer.

 photo 20150208_165103_resize_zps718bb113.jpg
* Where the magic happens *
 photo 20150208_170612_resize_zpse67ea662.jpg
* By the jar, then fill up the growler *
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Friday, February 27, 2015

Wild Wing Challenge

Wild Wing has a food challenge where if the contestant can eat forty wings, a side of garlic parmesan fries and a large fountain drink under twenty-five minutes, the meal is free. Otherwise, the meal is $40. Paul and I had been joking around with this challenge for a while now, but never had the time to attempt it. I wanted to test my appetite. We set aside our busy schedule and attempted the impossible. When we arrived at the restaurant, we noticed that they had a special with their wings during the Canucks game. The pricing turned out to be much cheaper if we went for the deal instead of the challenge. We ordered eighty wings, two poutines, and drinks. We had Maria and Angie for moral support and to help us eat. We started the timer and off we went. I thought I had a pretty decent pace going on but when I reached for my fifteenth wing, that's when I felt it. My stomach was reaching near capacity. I had to slow down. At the end of twenty-five minutes, I was only able to twenty-three wings, and a quarter of the poutine. Paul stopped a little bit before me. We both failed the challenge miserably. I'm thankful that I saved some money on it though.

 photo 20150207_184352_resize_zps77df679f.jpg
Wild Wing *
 photo 20150207_200527_resize_zps22c16c9d.jpg
* Before the mess *
 photo 20150207_200633_resize_zps91053822.jpg
* Doable, doesn't look like much *
 photo 20150207_211155_resize_zps8ebaba6e.jpg
* Almost there *
 photo 20150207_211207_resize_zps43a9a1fd.jpg
* Graveyard *

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Lunch at Dunn's Famous

Welcome to Dunn's Famous. I was never a fan of Montreal Smoked Meat when I was growing up. A huge reason of that was because my parents didn't know what it was, so I never had it. I didn't discover Smoked Meat or "Montreal Smoked Meat" until I was in Montreal. I have been chasing that taste ever since. I should also point out that I am a sucker for anything that states they are the "best", "number 1" or something more superior than others. I have been waiting to try Dunn's Famous for a while, but it was always in the back of my mind. The restaurant resembled any other sports bar type of setting but with a twist of old fashion. The menu had a good selection, and I found the price to be average. I ordered the Montreal Smoked Meat. Let's start with what I found great with this dish; the portions were huge, the only highlight of the meal. The meat was layered towards the middle of the sandwich to make it appear a lot larger than it was. In doing so, it makes it harder for me to eat, and I got nothing but bread towards the end of the sandwich. Holding the sandwich was a bit challenge too because I found the meat to be a bit wet. I don't remember if it was ever like that when I had it at other places. The bread was too soft which turned soggy from the meat. After a couple of bites, the whole sandwich crumbled into pieces. This meal was meant to be eaten with a fork and knife. The flavor itself wasn't bad, but I was expecting more of a smoky flavor. The mustard didn't help with the taste as well. It was missing something, or I'm imaging a mystical flavor that does not exist.

Verdict: I think my search for a good smoked meat sandwich in Vancouver continues.

 photo 20150206_130848_resize_zps782fc3ec.jpg
 photo 20150206_130912_resize_zpsd56d3792.jpg
* Montreal Smoked Meat Sandwich *

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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Ronnie Feig x Asics "Sage" and "Rose Gold"

Ahhhh! Finally reunited once again, and luckily I got it for retail. The first time I got this set, I sold them immediately because I didn't think I could rock it. After I sold them, I suddenly had a change of heart. There was no way I was going to pay reseller price for these. Then Christmas rolled around, and KITH did a restock sale on a specific date and only for an hour. I was lucky to snag both pairs again. Everything about this shoe is on point. The quality and material is undeniable.

 photo SAM_0513_resize_zps48563c9f.jpg

 photo SAM_0515_resize_zpsb3b9a685.jpg

 photo SAM_0516_resize_zps53d716a8.jpg

 photo SAM_0514_resize_zpsdb6bfa64.jpg

 photo SAM_0517_resize_zpsd09975f3.jpg

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

KD IV complete

Out of all the Nike KD series, in my opinion I think the KD IV was the best. The design was awesome, and it suited perfectly for street wear. I think the KD V was the best for performance on the court. Unfortunately I'm rocking the KD VII, and it wasn't what I expected. There were only three colourways I wanted for the KD IV series; Copper aka Christmas, YOTD (I'm a huge fan for CNY based themes), and Galaxy. Not every colourway was banger for me. The Galaxy was the hardest to hunt down for a decent price, but once I got it I knew I was done for this model. On to the next shoe!

 photo SAM_0518_resize_zps3a70d979.jpg

 photo SAM_0520_resize_zpsb190ea78.jpg

 photo SAM_0521_resize_zps5a01ba1b.jpg

 photo SAM_0522_resize_zpsbf06e63b.jpg

 photo SAM_0524_resize_zps0df9e40f.jpg

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Back to the Future 2

Sorry guys, these AREN'T the Nike Air Mag that everyone wants, but these are indeed the Back to the Future 2 shoes from Halloweencostumes. The differences? There aren't any Nike swoosh or branding anywhere. The new shoe smell is off. Everyone loves that new Nike shoe smell. I would imagine the material used in the Nike version is a lot better and cleaner. When I tried on the shoe, it felt unstable around the ankle area and up. The high cut in this shoe is not supported or stabilized by anything. It is mostly made out of foam. Otherwise, it is perfect for trick or treating but nothing more than general walking. The shoe does light up like the Nike Mag, but the switch to turn the LEDs on and how the shoe is charged is a bit awkward. However they are licensed by Universal Studios, so it is real and authentic in some sense. You can't go wrong with $100 shoes from one of the most watched films. I don't own a pair of the Nike Air Mag, but these were the things I was able to find from looking at the pictures and videos. I can't wait to see the auto lace version that is coming out this year. WOOP!

 photo SAM_0441_zpse20879c3.jpg

 photo SAM_0442_zps5e945ed8.jpg

 photo SAM_0446_zpsdec5d86e.jpg

 photo SAM_0443_zps8356dcbc.jpg

 photo SAM_0444_zpsa416f7e6.jpg

 photo SAM_0445_zps4726737c.jpg

Friday, January 16, 2015

Jordan 6 Infrared Pack (2015)

I totally forgot to upload this post.

Before the hype, before the lines up / camp outs, before everyone calling themselves a sneakerhead; I was able to cop the Jordan 6 Infrared Pack (2010) six months after release without any hassle and for a deep discount. I kept the package deadstock for four years before deciding to sell them. I wasn't in it for the money. I wanted to sell the pack off to someone who would actually wear them. I didn't want to be one of those "collectors" and more of a "wear what I buy / like" type. I unloaded most of my shoes and majority of them were deadstock. I regretted selling off some pairs and the infrared pack were one of them. I didn't have the heart to break the sealed foil packaging each pair came in. Fast forward five years later, and they're back, but not in a pack; they were sold individually. They might look the same but different in my eyes. The infrared colour were more pinkish, and the material and construct didn't feel as quality as the previous. Put those comments aside and I'm happy that I got the pack again, but it does feel as if I cheated myself for something lesser of value.

 photo SAM_0433_zps0b3edb04.jpg

 photo SAM_0434_zpsfaa6b774.jpg

 photo SAM_0435_zps43e81eae.jpg

 photo SAM_0436_zps173dff3a.jpg

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Jordan 11 "Legend Blue"

Another Jordan 11s, another year. Like everyone else I had to get my pair too. I missed the in store raffles and there was no way I was going to line up overnight in the cold. It was another 5 AM wake up call to snipe these pairs online. After three hours of release, half of millions pairs were sold. That's crazy; mad money. I got my pair within the first hour but it could have been quicker. I opted out of the Ultimate Gift of Flight Pack because it was too expensive for the one pair I wanted from the pack. Oh wells, the wait for another pair of Jordan 11s begins. I really hope they don't release the Jordan 11 low "Bred", or else my customs becomes useless *sigh*.

 photo SAM_0491_resize_zps2b03ad12.jpg
 photo SAM_0494_resize_zps77edb70a.jpg
 photo SAM_0495_resize_zpseecec3e6.jpg
 photo SAM_0507_resize_zps44f5edce.jpg

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Dinner at Lee Gar Nei Korean Restaurant

What a better way to warm up the body on a cold chilly night then some Pork Bone Soup. Maria and I were feeling down and wanted comfort food. We headed down to Guildford for Korean food and stopped at Lee Gar Nei Korean Restaurant. This restaurant used to be something else, and we were unsure if we should have given it a chance. It was packed so that must be a good sign, right? Unlike other Korean restaurants, the workers actually cleared up the tables as the patrons finished. Usually, half the restaurant is filled with uncleaned tables and you would have to wait a bit before being seated. We got seated right away and were able to order before other tables were seated. Unfortunately, even though we ordered before some tables, we got our meal last. The Pork Bone Soup lacked taste, especially the spice. There was a lot of pork bone and potato, which was a plus. We also ordered the Seafood Pancake which was horrible. It was undercooked and gloppy. We had to reheat / recook it when we got home. It started out good and promising, but it lost me along the way.

Verdict: Not the best Pork Bone Soup. It needs a small kick to it, also with so many other Korean restaurants nearby I would not be coming back.

 photo 20141019_175051_resize_zps12685d89.jpg
* Lee Gar Nei Korean Restaurant *
 photo 20141019_181337_resize_zpse331ea4c.jpg
* Pork Bone Soup *
 photo 20141019_182512_resize_zpsed601d39.jpg
* Seafood Pancake *

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