Friday, April 18, 2014


What can I say? Korea was a dope trip. I won't be sharing my engagement photos here, but it is uploaded to my Facebook account. I won't be doing a full review about my trip. Instead, it will be more of a highlight.

Engagement Photos:
The process took almost three days. One day for choosing the dress and make up studios, another for the photo shoot itself and a half day for choosing pictures. Overall, the experience was fun. The photo shoot studio was super fake and ghetto, but the photographer did his magic. The photos turned out incredible and their lighting technique made a enormous difference in our pictures. I can't wait until I see the edited (photoshopped) version. I think Maria had more fun than me.

The nightlife in Korea was insane. Shops and restaurants would be opened until 5am or later. Bars and clubs would be opened until 9am or so. I have no idea how people in Korea lived, especially the ones who worked in offices. The people who didn't work that Monday to Friday office hours lived a different lifestyle. Their day probably starts at 3 pm or 5 pm and doesn’t stop until the crack of dawn. Korea is a night owl city. Nothing exciting happens during the day. They wait for the old folks to go home before the young runs the city.

 photo DSC03882_resize_zpseeb79d19.jpg
 photo DSC03792_resize_zps1897d416.jpg
 photo DSC03795_resize_zpsf535d89a.jpg
 photo DSC03841_resize_zps467c09d1.jpg
 photo DSC03843_resize_zpsfa9c2b26.jpg
 photo DSC03642_resize_zps21ecd24b.jpg
 photo DSC03645_resize_zps99d7e52c.jpg

I was ready to go home after five days. Shopping Seoul is magnificent for a girl in my opinion. Maria spent a lot of time in cosmetic stores, and there were an endless amount of stores and malls. In the first three days, I wanted to see every nook and cranny of Seoul to discover all the stores. It was impossible because a lot of businesses were hidden within alleys upon alleys. If I were to stay on the main roads only, I would have missed a lot of Korea. Seoul is huge metropolis city and everywhere you go it is like downtown. The population is extremely dense, and everything is built upwards. It was shocking to me at first, but it wears off. No matter where you are in Seoul, it is the same shopping experience.

The food was the best part of the trip. It was cheap, and we only had two or three awful meals while we were there. Luckily, we had Jason to show us around where to eat. Each day we had either two or three meals for lunch or dinner. It was very possible to live off of $50 per day on food for two people. There were a lot of street food, but that got boring for me quickly because it was the same food over and over. It was fascinating to see the same food vendors busy side by side even though they were serving the same food. This concept would never work in Vancouver. The same phenomenon happened with restaurants too. It is extremely common to walk by three or four restaurants that specialized in BBQ or fried chicken in a row and each restaurant would be busy. Alcohol was mad cheap. You can get drunk off of $10 - $20; if all you drank was local stuff. I miss the food the most since coming back home.

 photo 20140313_141950_resize_zps0b77d212.jpg
 photo DSC03922_resize_zps61d74b08.jpg
 photo 20140312_203333_resize_zps3d76b39a.jpg
 photo 20140312_204057_resize_zps7d2e5b0d.jpg

 photo 20140312_195329_resize_zps776eadf8.jpg
 photo DSC03620_resize_zps4a1c5ff2.jpg
 photo 20140313_194346_resize_zps12e57a82.jpg
 photo DSC03647_resize_zps7219a814.jpg
 photo DSC03669_resize_zpsf65d591b.jpg
 photo DSC03668_resize_zps9894a5d6.jpg
 photo DSC03674_resize_zpsef5f7444.jpg
 photo DSC03832_resize_zpsc714c101.jpg
 photo DSC03670_resize_zps201ab393.jpg
 photo DSC03857_resize_zpsd684e5ff.jpg
 photo DSC03850_resize_zpsa3cbf27c.jpg

 photo DSC03856_resize_zpsd3399e91.jpg

 photo DSC03862_resize_zps894cabcd.jpg

 photo DSC03913_resize_zps69178091.jpg

 photo DSC03914_resize_zpsd857bdef.jpg

 photo DSC03919_resize_zpsc319a890.jpg

 photo DSC03932_resize_zps4fbcd351.jpg

 photo DSC03915_resize_zpsb9b5a53e.jpg

 photo DSC03967_resize_zps87b1e1b1.jpg

 photo DSC03974_resize_zps8a855d11.jpg

 photo DSC03984_resize_zpsc93730f1.jpg

Thank you Jason. This trip would not be possible without your help.

 photo DSC03986_resize_zps743a848f.jpg

Sunday, April 13, 2014

First Customs: Jordan 11 Lows "Varsity" -> "Bred"

First of all!!! A HUGE SHOUT OUT TO THE HOMIE Sole Dr FOR DOING THIS CUSTOM. Hit him up for customs Let him know I sent you.

I always wanted a custom, but I didn't know what I wanted. I saw him post up a job of Jordan 11 lows "Space Jam" and then I knew. I wanted a set of Jordan 11 lows in "Cool Grey", "Concord", "Space Jam" and "Bred" to match the original pairs. Big brother, little brother. I didn't want the "Space Jam" version because I didn't own the original pair. I thought about the "Cool Grey" version, but I wanted something that would turn heads. The "Concord" version was going to be released by NIKE this year, so I didn't need a custom for that. The "Bred" was going to be my first pair. I had to double up on the Jordan 11 lows "Cherry". There was no way I was going to send my only pair of Jordan 11 lows "Cherry" out for customs. NIKE better not release a version of the “Bred” in Jordan 11 lows.

 photo DSC03606_resize_zpsc82120b1.jpgI
 photo DSC03608_resize_zps2f0df357.jpg
 photo DSC03609_resize_zps3176b89b.jpg

The Result:
It came back better than I imagined. I compared it to the original and everything was on point. The shoe is 100% wearable and the paint won't crack or split. I would avoid wearing it on a wet and or rainy day. The upper and shoelaces were dyed black and the patent leather were painted black. The shoe feels a little heavier than the original Jordan 11 lows. It is stiff because of the dyed upper. The sole were not compromised, and the grip is still intact. I found it mildly infuriating that the dye from the shoelace would bleed when I tried to tie my shoe. My fingers were black by the time I finished lacing them up. I can't wait to break them out for the Summer.

 photo 20140408_191721_resize_zpsea97232a.jpg

 photo 20140408_191739_resize_zpsd3c24d9a.jpg

 photo 20140408_191627_resize_zps69f32418.jpg

 photo 20140408_191646_resize_zpsa3bdcf8d.jpg

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Lunch at The Fish Shack

The Fish Shack opened a while ago, and since I work in downtown again; I can finally start visiting restaurants that I have been keeping on a list. I'm a sucker for fish and chips, and fish tacos. This place satisfied my taste buds. My sister and I went there for lunch. The restaurant was spacious and felt like I was in a burger bar than anything else. We both ordered the lunch (box) special with calamari and a side of corn bread. I had the fish taco while my sister had the fish and chips. The lunch (box) special also came with salad or soup. We both chose soup; she had the New England clam chowder and I had the Manhattan clam chowder. The calamari were deep fried in strips. They weren't the rings, tentacles or body (? that kind of looks like a baby squid). The batter was light and was pair perfectly with the dipping sauce. The calamari had a light snap to it while maintaining that chewiness. The cornbread was super moist. It didn't choke in the middle of my throat. They also supply melted butter for that extra rich flavor. I would suggest trying half and half; otherwise, it's extremely filling and overwhelming. I had a piece of my sister's fish and chips, and it wasn't bad. The same batter was used on the fish, but it was a little soggy. The batter would fall apart when cutting the fish in half. The fish trapped in plentiful moisture and was fresh. All it needed was a dash of fresh squeezed lemon juice and dipping sauce. The New England clam chowder was superb. I couldn't taste any fishiness in the soup. The clam in the Chowder was not overpowering. I think this is one of the best Clam Chowders I ever had. The fish taco was delicious. The toppings barely fit on the tortilla because of the huge piece of fish. I would've preferred grilled fish instead of fried. Everything worked well together. The Manhattan clam chowder was more of a tomato soup than chowder (in my opinion). I couldn't tie in the seafood or clam. Perhaps, the naming is misleading, but I still loved it. It had a strong tomato stock with all the fixings and a hint of citrus to cut the deep fried fat in the food. I heard that dinner was a different story, but for what I had for lunch, I am extraordinarily content. I would come back and recommend others to try.

Do you like fishsticks?
What are you? A gay fish.

 photo 20140228_124115_resize_zps20311a29.jpg
 photo 20140228_115714_resize_zpsd5bf3fbe.jpg
* Calamari *
 photo 20140228_120602_resize_zps08ab9510.jpg
* Corn Bread *
 photo 20140228_120607_resize_zpsb45b333a.jpg
* Fish and Chips (Lunch Box) *
 photo 20140228_120614_resize_zps1f8eb1eb.jpg
* Fish Taco (Lunch Box) *

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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Dinner at Neptune Wonton Noodle

I haven't gone out for dinner with my mom for the longest time. I'm always busy when my mom has her days off. Luckily, a couple of things were on pause, and I took her out. I told her we can go anywhere she wanted. I wanted to treat her good. She didn't want to go far and chose Neptune Wonton Noodle. This was located inside the same restaurant as Neptune Seafood Restaurant. My first reaction was, "Ahh, are you sure mom? I heard that the restaurant wasn't doing that well, and people got food poisoning upon the grand opening". My mom reassured me, and we went. The restaurant looked like any other Chinese restaurant. What did stand out was their dessert display counter. Usually you wouldn't see that in Chinese restaurants; I found it weird, but I guess it worked because people were ordering desserts. We settled in and ordered a small Chinese appetizer that included jelly fish and duck tongue, Wonton Noddle, Beef Brisket Noddle, and Fried Salty Pork Chops. The menu didn't excite me, and I found it very plain. I didn't want to eat Chinese fast food items. The jelly fish was okay; it didn't have enough bounce or elasticity. The duck tongue was weird, and it was my first time eating it. I wasn't too fond of it. I had the Beef Brisket Noodle while Maria and my mom tried the Wonton Noodle. The soup broth was clear, and I hardly tasted the salt or MSG. The beef brisket could've used a bit more flavor. It felt as if the beef was boiled for too long and was not able to absorb any flavor. I found the noodles a bit weird; it was clumped together and was very hard to separate. Even while eating it took some effort to cut it. Maria took me that was how wonton noodles are supposed to be, but I thought otherwise. They should be clumped up but loose in my opinion. The Fried Salty Pork Chops were good, but I would've added a bit more spice to it. I personally didn't like the restaurant, but price wise, it was a good deal. I rather go to Bubble 88 or Pearl Castle around the corner, but if I wanted a late night (noodle + soup) fixing after drinking (in Surrey) I would stumble back.

 photo 20140226_193922_resize_zps4076c271.jpg
 photo 20140226_195055_resize_zps3c2ede5c.jpg
* Duck Tongue and Jelly Fish *
 photo 20140226_195312_resize_zpsb6f1d561.jpg
* Wonton Noodle Soup *
 photo 20140226_195309_resize_zps9372924b.jpg
* Beef Brisket Noodle Soup *
 photo 20140226_195727_resize_zps8fbd413d.jpg
* Fried Salty Pork Chops *

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