Friday, January 16, 2015

Jordan 6 Infrared Pack (2015)

I totally forgot to upload this post.

Before the hype, before the lines up / camp outs, before everyone calling themselves a sneakerhead; I was able to cop the Jordan 6 Infrared Pack (2010) six months after release without any hassle and for a deep discount. I kept the package deadstock for four years before deciding to sell them. I wasn't in it for the money. I wanted to sell the pack off to someone who would actually wear them. I didn't want to be one of those "collectors" and more of a "wear what I buy / like" type. I unloaded most of my shoes and majority of them were deadstock. I regretted selling off some pairs and the infrared pack were one of them. I didn't have the heart to break the sealed foil packaging each pair came in. Fast forward five years later, and they're back, but not in a pack; they were sold individually. They might look the same but different in my eyes. The infrared colour were more pinkish, and the material and construct didn't feel as quality as the previous. Put those comments aside and I'm happy that I got the pack again, but it does feel as if I cheated myself for something lesser of value.

 photo SAM_0433_zps0b3edb04.jpg

 photo SAM_0434_zpsfaa6b774.jpg

 photo SAM_0435_zps43e81eae.jpg

 photo SAM_0436_zps173dff3a.jpg

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Jordan 11 "Legend Blue"

Another Jordan 11s, another year. Like everyone else I had to get my pair too. I missed the in store raffles and there was no way I was going to line up overnight in the cold. It was another 5 AM wake up call to snipe these pairs online. After three hours of release, half of millions pairs were sold. That's crazy; mad money. I got my pair within the first hour but it could have been quicker. I opted out of the Ultimate Gift of Flight Pack because it was too expensive for the one pair I wanted from the pack. Oh wells, the wait for another pair of Jordan 11s begins. I really hope they don't release the Jordan 11 low "Bred", or else my customs becomes useless *sigh*.

 photo SAM_0491_resize_zps2b03ad12.jpg
 photo SAM_0494_resize_zps77edb70a.jpg
 photo SAM_0495_resize_zpseecec3e6.jpg
 photo SAM_0507_resize_zps44f5edce.jpg

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Dinner at Lee Gar Nei Korean Restaurant

What a better way to warm up the body on a cold chilly night then some Pork Bone Soup. Maria and I were feeling down and wanted comfort food. We headed down to Guildford for Korean food and stopped at Lee Gar Nei Korean Restaurant. This restaurant used to be something else, and we were unsure if we should have given it a chance. It was packed so that must be a good sign, right? Unlike other Korean restaurants, the workers actually cleared up the tables as the patrons finished. Usually, half the restaurant is filled with uncleaned tables and you would have to wait a bit before being seated. We got seated right away and were able to order before other tables were seated. Unfortunately, even though we ordered before some tables, we got our meal last. The Pork Bone Soup lacked taste, especially the spice. There was a lot of pork bone and potato, which was a plus. We also ordered the Seafood Pancake which was horrible. It was undercooked and gloppy. We had to reheat / recook it when we got home. It started out good and promising, but it lost me along the way.

Verdict: Not the best Pork Bone Soup. It needs a small kick to it, also with so many other Korean restaurants nearby I would not be coming back.

 photo 20141019_175051_resize_zps12685d89.jpg
* Lee Gar Nei Korean Restaurant *
 photo 20141019_181337_resize_zpse331ea4c.jpg
* Pork Bone Soup *
 photo 20141019_182512_resize_zpsed601d39.jpg
* Seafood Pancake *

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Friday, December 26, 2014

Brunch at Oru

I hardly go out for brunch and the last time I had a brunch buffet was back in 2010 in Waterloo. I always slept in or had something to do in the morning / noon. Maria planned a brunch buffet at Oru with Paul and Angie. I was spectacle at first because of their price, but I caved in. Why not? A finer and fancier place for brunch. I'm so glad I went along with it. The decor was modern and open. It still had its cafeteria feel but directed to adults. The service was superb. All the food were ready to be grabbed, but eggs had to be specially ordered. They made it fresh, right in front of you. I had to get the omelette and benny. I should also point out that they use real crabs for theirs eggs; a huge bonus in my books. Their pork belly, salmon and Dungeness crab toppings were great on the eggs as well as their steak. I tried my best but couldn't get up for a third plate.

Verdict: It was a bit more than what I would pay for brunch, but I loved the selection; especially the egg station

 photo 20141026_121506_resize_zps9bc34196.jpg
* Oru *
 photo 20141026_121514_resize_zpsd53314e2.jpg
* Plate 1 with the omlette *
 photo 20141026_123732_resize_zps2a245c9f.jpg
* Plate 2 with the benny *

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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Lunch at Ramen Izakaya Okawari

Maria and I were in Richmond after viewing a potential apartment, and we had a hard time deciding where to have lunch. I named a couple of places nearby, and Toyko Joe Ramen Okawari was the winner. Upon arrival, we noticed that the restaurant's name has been changed to Ramen Izakaya Okawari. I was not sure if it was under the same management or if this was a brand new restaurant. I didn't want to go through another round of picking restaurants and gave Ramen Izakaya Okawari a try. The restaurant kept some of the modern wood theme as the previous, but I noticed a more kid-ish appeal. There were anime posters, toys and drawings throughout the restaurant. I didn't mind it, but it seemed as if they were trying to be modern but young at the same time, maybe also kawaii. It felt like any minute a customer in cosplay would enter. The menu was more or less the same as I remembered from Toyko Joe Ramen Okawari. The waitress was friendly and patient with us. We ordered the Okawari Origin Ramen, Miso Ramen Sapporo, Chopped Scallop Cone, and Sashimi Set. I thought the pricing was expensive except for the ramen. Maria thought the Okawari Origin Ramen was okay but not as great as she remembered it to be. I had a taste, and I remembered a very bold ginseng herbal taste (clear, healthy and cleansing) but this wasn't it. I had the Miso Ramen Sapporo, and I thought it tasted more salty than it should have. The soup base was throwing me off, but I knew later on what it was. MSG. I got the classic case of dry mouth after leaving the restaurant and fell into a deep nap. I should also mention that the cha su was tough and chewy with no flavor. The Chopped Scallop Cone was meh; it had too much mayonnaise and was runny. I don't remember if the cone had chopped scallop placed throughout the cone to the end; it may have ended towards the top middle. The Sashimi Set, which contained three pieces each of Toro, Hamachi and Salmon was overpriced and disgusting. The portion size was a bit on the small end. It was not fresh and had a strange slime to it. I couldn't stomach any of pieces once I tried one of each. This restaurant was not what I expected.

Verdict: Thumbs down. Overpriced if not ordering ramen and not worth it.

 photo 20141207_132450_zps6576bc17.jpg
 photo 20141207_133810_zps2a0342be.jpg
* Miso Ramen Sapporo *
 photo 20141207_133818_zps6915e3fe.jpg
* Okawari Origin Ramen *
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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Dinner at Rajio Public House

Have you tried or been to Kingyo or Suika? Rajio Public House is another restaurant owned by the same group. Like the other two, this had some what of the same theme; wood style decor but with a fun twist. Maria was very excited to try this restaurant out. She was able to get a promo deal through VanEats. I don't remember what the deal entailed but we ordered the following; Tako Wasabi, Tuna Salt Tataki, Sashimi Salad, Vegetables with Dip, Miso Ramen, Oden, Pork Ribs with Balsamic Vinegar, Sweet and Sour Sauce, Chicken Karaage, and Seafood ball. The service was superb. The waitress was friendly and helpful. She recommended a lot of things to try out. Maria and I are big eaters and we ended up ordering the recommendations and almost everything that caught our eye. This happened during the Summer and unfortunately, I am posting it now. I don't remember most of my initial thoughts of each dish but I will try my best. The Tako Wasabi was nothing extraordinary. Tuna Salt Tataki was good. It was slightly salted and cooled down, which was perfect for the Summer. The Sashimi Salad was such a good deal. I was surprised at how much sashimi was in the Sashimi Salad. Miso Ramen was okay, but it doesn't beat pure ramen houses. The Oden was great. It was on par with Guu Garden. The Pork Ribs with Balsamic Vinegar, Sweet and Sour Sauce was a bit of a let down. The meat fell off the bone but it was dry and very chewy. The flavor was not what I was expecting. The Chicken Karaage was fried perfect. It was tender and moist, but it held no flavor. I had to ask the server for some sea salt. The best dish that night was the seafood ball. It's similar to a crab cake and crab claw but with everything else. I would order this dish a thousands times. It blew me away. This is a must try, although I can't remember the name of this dish exactly.

Note: This is not all we order, we had more but I forgot to take pictures and I don't remember what else is missing from this list.

 photo 20141003_172421_resize_zps4439b20e.jpg
 photo 20141003_172513_resize_zps8656218c.jpg
* wood style decor but with a fun twist *
 photo 20141003_172621_resize_zpsbee86b7f.jpg

 photo 20141003_172925_resize_zpsdc160bf4.jpg

 photo 20141003_173344_resize_zps51dc83ab.jpg
* Fresh Sheet *
 photo 20141003_174020_resize_zps4685325e.jpg
* Homemade Ginger Ale *
 photo 20141003_174305_resize_zpsdd4ed0c4.jpg
* Tako Wasabi *
 photo 20141003_174322_resize_zps4c571016.jpg
* Tuna Salt Tataki *
 photo 20141003_174327_resize_zps96d4c396.jpg
* Sashimi Salad *
 photo 20141003_174342_resize_zpsbbc1891d.jpg
* Vegetables with Dip *
 photo 20141003_180547_resize_zps9d6a4ec0.jpg
* Miso Ramen *
 photo 20141003_180554_resize_zps1b32a04e.jpg
* Oden *
 photo 20141003_182118_resize_zpsec7118f7.jpg
* Pork Ribs with Balsamic Vinegar, Sweet and Sour Sauce *
 photo 20141003_182847_resize_zps70572f13.jpg
* Chicken Karaage *
 photo 20141003_183314_resize_zps5937226b.jpg
* Seafood ball *

Verdict: Overall, a great atmosphere and a chilled place for the summer. It was unfortunate they weren't serving their watermelon punch (a must have). I would love to come back or to the other two restaurants.

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Monday, November 24, 2014

Dinner at The Sandbar

It was Maria's birthday, and I was planning on taking her to Edible Canada (she was hinting it leading up to her birthday), but unfortunately they were closed for a private function. The Sandbar was nearby, and I decided to make reservations for that. I think they used to hold New Year Eve parties a while back, but they suddenly stopped? We planned on celebrating one of our new years at The Sandbar, but it didn't happen (or maybe I'm mistaking it for another restaurant). The restaurant's decor was fancy and intimate. The perfect place for a date or Christmas party. We sat near the windows and had a great view across the water looking over to Yaletown. Our waiter was very helpful, and his suggestions were spot on. We ordered the Crab and Artichoke Dip, Oysters (Malpeque, Kusshi, Kumamoto), 10oz Pork Chop with Mango Chutney (daily special), Ahi Tuna, Special Scallop Roll and Belgian Chocolate Pudding. Right off the bat, everything was fresh and delicious. What made this restaurant stood out for me, was how they stress about the importance about fresh seafood. If it is not fresh, they won't offer it. They won't cut corner and offer a lower grade quality.

The Crab and Artichoke Dip came out piping hot. I burnt the roof of my mouth. It was very cheesy and creamy. I tasted the artichoke, but couldn't taste the crab, but Maria did. I guess I was too burnt to notice the difference. Maria had the Oysters; I didn't. They were fresh, and she liked Kusshi more than the other two. The 10oz Pork Chop was amazing. I would order this again and again, but without the Mango Chutney. I'm not a huge fan of Mango Chutney. I rather have a peppercorn sauce, gravy or mushroom cream/gravy. It was grilled to perfection. Each bite was heaven. It was juicy and charred lightly which gave it a smokey essence. I had to hold back the urge to eat everything to the bone. I didn't want to look like an animal, by holding the pork chop by its bone and going to town on it. *SMH*. The Ahi Tuna was amazing as well, but I wish they paired it with another sauce. I think it was a wasabi based sauce, which for some reason I didn't like, and I eat a lot of wasabi. I think the sauce was also diluted with something else. The Special Scallop Roll was good, but I wished the rice was a bit firmer. Each piece was on the verge of falling apart. The scallop was fresh. It was soft and smooth. It had a minimal bounce or chewiness to it. It went down effortlessly. I wanted to order another roll. The Belgian Chocolate pudding was to die for. The pistachio praline hit all the right spots. The portion was decent, and I thought I could finish it all to myself but it was very filling. The pudding and toffee creme didn't feel heavy at first but got to me midway, and I slowed down dramatically. I was full by the end of the meal that I passed out on the ride back home. I felt bad making Maria drive because she felt the same.

Verdict: A great spot for dinner and I heard their brunch is as good if not better. I would love to take my mom here.

 photo 20141120_180315_resize_zps3d4baa0d.jpg
 photo 20141120_181818_resize_zps07c3ec8e.jpg
* Crab and Artichoke Dip *
 photo 20141120_181836_resize_zpsfb2d09d4.jpg
* Oysters (Malpeque, Kusshi, Kumamoto) *
 photo 20141120_182912_resize_zps89d32f9d.jpg
* Special Scallop Roll *
 photo 20141120_183709_resize_zpsd4101a06.jpg
* Ahi Tuna *
 photo 20141120_183651_resize_zps828a1537.jpg
* 10oz Pork Chop *
 photo 20141120_190834_resize_zps2c160428.jpg
* Belgian Chocolate Pudding *

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Bait x Asics Gel Lyte 3 "Teal Dragon" Re-Issue

There have been some very ill Asics coming out, and I think it was time for me to hop onto that gravy train. It's surprising to see all these runners making a comeback (i.e. Saucony). Unfortunately, unless those pairs are cosigned or collaborations, the shoe won't sell (i.e. Ronnie Fieg). I was fortunate enough to cop a pair of the Asics Gel Lyte V in both the Rose and Sage colourways. Shortly after receiving my pair, I decided to sell them. I couldn't see myself wearing them. They looked funny on me, but the quality, material and colourway were hot. I instantly regret selling them. When I saw the images for the "Teal Dragon", I knew I had to give this another try. They looked way better than the Lebron 11 " South Beach" . I copped the "Teal Dragon" and sold the "South Beach". I think my feet were made for Nike, but I think it is time for me to diversify my portfolio. I need to backtrack and try to re-grab the Rose and Sage colourways. The Koyo pair that released recently is hot too. I need more money and a new wardrobe!

 photo SAM_0425_resize_zps4232b3b9.jpg
 photo SAM_0417_resize_zps7fbee46a.jpg
 photo SAM_0418_resize_zps9fb17f06.jpg

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Nike Air Max Lunar 90 SP "Moon Landing"

Remember when moon boots were cool? I don't. I was too young to understand fashion. It especially didn't help when I didn't have any Canadian / American influences. I was sheltered; living whatever my parents spoon fed me. Remember the space race? and the first to be on the moon? Apollo 11? I don't. I wasn't even born yet. I learnt about these things through movies, but I do remember when the Nike Air Max Lunar 90 SP "Moon Landing" dropped. When the first images surfaced online, I knew I was looking at something special. I wanted it. In my opinion it was the best release of the year. All the hype made it impossible to cop. I tried and failed. I reached into my pockets very deep and prepared myself for what was to come. All I can say is that it was worth it. Everything about this shoe is on point 100%. The only problem now, I don't want to wear it; I'm afraid to destroy it. The cost for breaking necks. Is it worth it?

 photo 20141120_005217_zpsf1ada8a6.jpg
 photo 20141120_005203_zps51221a7f.jpg
 photo 20141120_005119_zpsb0eb928a.jpg
 photo 20141120_005105_zpsa87ed51a.jpg
 photo 20141120_005026_zps24b752bf.jpg
 photo 20141120_005040_zps7c111a69.jpg