Thursday, November 20, 2014

Nike Air Max Lunar 90 SP "Moon Landing"

Remember when moon boots were cool? I don't. I was too young to understand fashion. It especially didn't help when I didn't have any Canadian / American influences. I was sheltered; living whatever my parents spoon fed me. Remember the space race? and the first to be on the moon? Apollo 11? I don't. I wasn't even born yet. I learnt about these things through movies, but I do remember when the Nike Air Max Lunar 90 SP "Moon Landing" dropped. When the first images surfaced online, I knew I was looking at something special. I wanted it. In my opinion it was the best release of the year. All the hype made it impossible to cop. I tried and failed. I reached into my pockets very deep and prepared myself for what was to come. All I can say is that it was worth it. Everything about this shoe is on point 100%. The only problem now, I don't want to wear it; I'm afraid to destroy it. The cost for breaking necks. Is it worth it?

 photo 20141120_005217_zpsf1ada8a6.jpg
 photo 20141120_005203_zps51221a7f.jpg
 photo 20141120_005119_zpsb0eb928a.jpg
 photo 20141120_005105_zpsa87ed51a.jpg
 photo 20141120_005026_zps24b752bf.jpg
 photo 20141120_005040_zps7c111a69.jpg

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Dessert at Trees Organic Coffee

Dessert is always on Maria's mind. We finished eating dinner and shortly after she wanted to find a place to have sweets. We stumbled upon Trees Organic Coffee. I was intrigued by their sign, "Voted Best Cheesecake". Usually, when I see a bold claim like that I immediately reach in my pocket for money and try it for myself. Nine times out of ten, I'm a donkey. I'm a sucker. I get tricked again and again. This time was the rare one out of ten occasions. I can see why they got voted best cheesecake. I'm not a huge cheesecake fan, mainly because someone messed up that experience for me, and I never looked at cheesecake the same way. We ordered the Featured Cheesecake (forgot which one), Maple Walnut Cheesecake, and Chocoholic Cheesecake. I was amazed at their cheesecake. It didn't taste like cheesecake; meaning it didn't have a strong cheesy essence. It felt like a hybrid between mousse and cheesecake. It was soft like cake, but spongy enough to keep its cheesecake form. I loved every bite and, unfortunately, we couldn't finish it. We were too full from dinner.

Verdict: I would recommend this to others. I would be coming back.

 photo 20140917_202551_resize_zps0abee758.jpg
 photo 20140917_203118_resize_zpsd137d029.jpg
* Feature Cheesecake ??? *
 photo 20140917_203135_resize_zps57d82002.jpg
* Maple Walnut Cheesecake *
 photo 20140917_203129_resize_zps427f1963.jpg
* Chocoholic Cheesecake *

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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Dinner at Taishoken Ramen

I'm a sucker for ramen. Whenever I hear a new spot opening up, I have to try it. This time I had to try Taishoken Ramen. I heard some great reviews and was excited to try their Tsuke-Men Ramen (where they separate the soup and noodles). When we arrived, the restaurant was packed. We had a party of eight, and we knew it was going to be hell trying to fit us all in one table. We had waited around for thirty minutes before we got seated. The waitress was very patient and helpful. The decor was similar to other ramen restaurants, wood themed. Two sections from their menu were sold out, Tonkatsu and something else; I can't remember (Miso?). When I heard Tonkatsu was no longer being served, I shifted my eyes more towards the Tsuke-Men; I didn't want the chicken broth options. I ordered the Pork Belly Tsuke-Men and Maria had the Pork Shoulder Tsuke-Men. We thought we weren't going to be satisfied and went ahead and ordered the Tomato Cheese Ramen as well. It took a while for the order to go through, and our Tsuke-Men came out first. I didn't know about this but after receiving my Tsuke-Men, the noodles were cold. I could have ordered the noodles hot (that I prefer on a cold night like this). Otherwise, this would have been perfect during the summer. The soup was lukewarm (room temperature). Since the soup and noodles were separated, the soup was concentrated. The soup tasted great, a bit nutty and sweeter than others. It had a lot of flavors but too bold since it was concentrated, but perfect for this "dipping style". I attempted to drink the soup after I was done my meal, and it was too much for me. The marinated egg was a bummer. I thought it didn't have any flavor and tasted bland. The yolk wasn't gooey or melted and looked more cooked in my opinion. I was very curious to find out what the Tomato Cheese Ramen would taste like. It tasted exactly what the name suggests. To me, it felt like eating spaghetti but in a soup form. The cheese was too overpowering and filling to me. I couldn't find any meat and saw only tofu, I don't know if this was intentional. This dish was not for me, but Maria loved it (so much that she made spaghetti the next day). The noodles were the best part of the meal from both dishes. There was a lot of bite and elasticity (bounce, al dente) from each mouthful. They were made perfectly for slurping loudly, which is not rude in Japanese culture and usually means you are giving props to the chef; this shit is delicious.

Verdict: I need a second try, but for now it would be thumbs down. I would still recommend this place to others because of their Tsuke-Men and noodles.

Next time, I will order the Tsuke-Men piping hot and or try the Tonkatsu.

 photo 20141114_192847_resize_zpsf6a4d5d3.jpg
* Pork Belly Tsuke-Men *
 photo 20141114_192903_resize_zps48e59885.jpg
* Tomato Cheese Ramen *

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Monday, November 17, 2014

Dinner at Calabash Bistro

Sharon was in town, so Maria and I decided to take her out for dinner and do some catching up. After a handful of suggestions, we narrowed it down to Calabash Bistro. I heard a lot of great reviews about this place, and I would recommend this restaurant to others. Unfortunately, I don't know why Tony didn't get the same result. We didn't visit Calabash Bistro on a weekend; the lower floor was not open for business, and there was no live entertainment. I thought everything was delicious except for one dish. We ordered one chicken and one beef Jamaican Patties, Calabash Poutine with Jerk Chicken, Roti with Curry Chicken, Jerk Beef Stew, and Halibut Collar. The patties tasted a lot better than The Reef. It didn't taste like it was sitting out on display all day under a heat lamp. It wasn't dry, and it didn’t leave a greasy or pasty aftertaste. The Calabash Poutine with Jerk Chicken was surprisingly good too. The Jerk sauce gave the fries a good kick. I wish the dish would've been a bit more generous in the sauce department. Otherwise, everything was great. The Roti and Dip were good. It had a good hint of curry in the dip. It wasn't oily, and it held good flavor behind it. The beef stew jerk was disappointing. For some reason, I was expecting an Asian style beef stew with soup. The beef did not come with soup. My initial thought of the beef was a soft, tender and moist, but instead, it was tough and dried out. The beef didn't break or fall apart as I preferred. I found the taste to be a bit salty for my liking, and I didn't taste any jerk. However, I was blown away from the Halibut Collar. It was amazing. The Halibut Collar was the best dish tonight. It was super soft and juicy. It didn't taste fishy at all, and there was a lot of meat surprisingly that it came from the neck area. Also, this dish was not on the menu; it was the special of the day.

Verdict: Thumbs up. I would recommend this restaurant to anyone who is looking for Caribbean food, but be careful your mileage may vary.

 photo 20140917_182225_resize_zps2d383773.jpg
 photo 20140917_182859_resize_zps7377c69d.jpg
* ??? *
 photo 20140917_184449_resize_zps38bfdb33.jpg
* Beef, Chicken Jamaican Patty *
 photo 20140917_184507_resize_zps536cae25.jpg
* Roti and Dip *
 photo 20140917_184458_resize_zps890ca13d.jpg
* Calabash Poutine *
 photo 20140917_191253_resize_zpsb750335f.jpg
* Jerk Beef Stew *
 photo 20140917_191225_resize_zps7a9ecdc6.jpg
* Halibut Collar *

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Friday, October 17, 2014

Jordan 12 (personal collection) complete

I don't buy every colourway for a model that I like. To me, not every colourway pops off for me. For example, I love the Jordan 4 model but I will never get the DB 4s because I don't see myself wearing them. My days of hoarding shoes are over; I only buy knowing that I will wear them. I always like the Jordan 12 model, and I regret not buying the Flu Game and Rising Sun when they sat in stores for weeks. I was lucky enough to find the Rising Sun (with the banned insoles), Flu Game and Cherry for a steal. I couldn't let this deal slip through my fingers. My Jordan 12 set is complete.

 photo SAM_0348_resize_zpsc93e9e30.jpg
 photo SAM_0349_resize_zps329aa40c.jpg
 photo SAM_0351_resize_zpsa0127e58.jpg
 photo SAM_0352_resize_zps446c7831.jpg
 photo SAM_0350_resize_zps81e160aa.jpg
 photo SAM_0354_resize_zps388b24bd.jpg
 photo SAM_0355_resize_zps619eaaf2.jpg

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Nike SB x Jordan 1 Lance Mountain Complete

When the first set of pictures emerged for the second collaboration between Nike SB and Jordan, I thought it was genius. This concept would focus people to wear their sneakers. The more the sneakers were worn, the more define they become by giving it personality and character. I knew I had to get both pairs. On release date, both pairs sold out instantly, and only a limited stock were available locally which involved a raffle. I was out of luck on both ends. This was a difficult shoe to source, especially for a decent price, but patience was the key. I ended up copping up both pairs for a good price ( in my opinion ) and it was way lower than what people were asking for at Sole Exchange. Remember there is a difference in asking price and buying price. You can make any amount as your asking price, but the true value of the shoe will show in the buying price. Don't believe in the hype, buy and wear what you like.

 photo SAM_0341_resize_zps98afcc84.jpg
 photo SAM_0342_resize_zps41f8efd7.jpg
 photo SAM_0343_resize_zps20faf6ad.jpg
 photo SAM_0346_resize_zps57c0b4f8.jpg
 photo SAM_0345_resize_zps968dede1.jpg
 photo SAM_0344_resize_zps6cfa108b.jpg

Friday, October 10, 2014

Jordan 3 Flip Complete

I originally had the Jordan 3 Black Flips and never knew that a white version existed. It wasn't until shortly after the purchase of the Black Flips that I found out. Ever since then, I was on a hunt for White Flips, but I wasn't in a rush. I had other shoes to think about. Then the right pair came along with a price that I couldn't walk away from. My Jordan 3 Flip series is complete =)

 photo SAM_0335_resize_zps49185ac0.jpg
 photo SAM_0336_resize_zps8f1de0cb.jpg
 photo SAM_0339_resize_zpsce8da356.jpg
 photo SAM_0340_resize_zps81a646ab.jpg
 photo SAM_0337_resize_zps188dfc62.jpg
 photo SAM_0338_resize_zpsafb3246d.jpg

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Lunch at Tea Wok (Thumbs DOWN!!!)

There is one thing in this world that I hate the most, and that is paying for food that tastes horrible. The initial plan was to go to Goyza Bar + Ramen, but they were too packed and the wait for a table of five would've taken too long. We wandered around for a bit and stumbled upon Tea Wok. I had a bad vibe about this place and quickly did a search on Urbanspoon to confirm my suspicions. We went in regardless of what I thought. This restaurant looked like any other typical bubble tea house or Taiwanese restaurant. The restaurant was quickly filling up, and we were able to put in our order before the rush. Even though, we thought we had the advantage, our food still came a bit late. I ordered the Taiwanese Beef Noodle Soup and Deep Fried Chicken Nugget. The noodle itself was good. The soup was unimpressive, even though it is their staple dish (Their famous three spice chicken was a failure as well). I was expecting a much bolder and richer flavor. I could hardly taste the depth of the soup. It tasted like beef stock but watered down. Maybe they did prepare the meal correctly and watered it down or messed up the stock from the start. I should also add that the MSG was heavy on all their dishes. The beef used in this dish is, usually, more of a brisket or close to the belly. What I think I got was near the butt / roast. It was soft, but there were cartilage and fat wrapped within the beef. It was fatty and displeasing. The fried chicken was not fried to a crisp. It had no crunch to it. The chicken was a bit dried out. The seasoning was not heavy enough, so it tasted bland, but at least, it wasn't soggy. Just a reminder, we had a table for five and when we asked for the bill they told us that they couldn't split the bill five ways, which was weird. Four was the maximum times they can split the bill. I have never heard anyone say that. If so, why didn't they just bill us separately from the beginning. That's a huge flaw in their service / POS system. We tried to split the bill into cash and debit cards, but even that was a hassle. I will not be coming here again; the food is unattractive, and the billing system made no sense.

 photo 20140911_115753_resize_zps518c823a.jpg
* Tea Wok *
 photo 20140911_122126_resize_zps59d0f5a5.jpg
* Deep Fried Chicken Nugget *
 photo 20140911_122346_resize_zpsfed170f4.jpg
* Taiwanese Beef Noodle Soup *
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Sunday, September 28, 2014

In-N-Out Burger at Langley Good Times Cruise In

It's that time again, In-N-Out Burger at Langley Good Times Cruise In. My once a year pilgrimage to the burger gods. I left my house earlier than usual to beat the rush; It still wasn't enough to beat the crowd. Apparently there were people waiting since 6 or 8 in the morning. The hype was real. When Maria and I got there, I saw a short line and thought this wouldn't take long. Unfortunately, the line was to buy tickets for the burgers. I have never seen a line up for buying tickets; This was a first. I lined up for the tickets while Maria was lined up for the burgers. It had taken forty-five minutes before I got my tickets and another three and half hours before we got our burgers. We were in line for fours hours just for In-N-Out Burger. In the previous years, I have never waited more than two hours. Maria will not be doing this again next year. I don't think I will neither unless someone is willing to go with me. We order six meals in total. I ate four of the burgers throughout the day while Maria had two. I ate nothing but burgers all day. I felt so sick. Did it taste like victory after waiting in line? .... No, =( It was not worth the four hours under the blistering sun. Weekend well spent? I rather make the travel out to San Francisco and spend a ten minute wait instead. That day will come.

 photo 20140906_104031_resize_zps86d9f3da.jpg
 photo 20140906_100748_resize_zps8ee1172f.jpg
* The line up for tickets *
 photo 20140906_140027_resize_zps882fd65a.jpg
* Tickets acquired *
 photo 20140906_134234_resize_zps9fa3fabf.jpg
* The three hour mark, so close to the burger truck *
 photo 20140906_141355_resize_zpsdb5f2442.jpg
* Almost there *
 photo 20140906_141834_resize_zpseec1a6ed.jpg
* Loot loot loot *